Seraph’s Sanctions: Ninjak #19

Writer: Matt Kindt
Art: Khari Evans & Andres Guinaldo
Colors: Ulises Arreola & Chris Sotomayor
Letterer: Dave Sharpe
Publisher: Valiant Entertainment



The Breakdown:

Ninjak & Eternal Warrior are on the hunt for Fakir as their trek leads them to not only the Deadside … but to Dr. Silk.¬† Meanwhile, in the present, Livewire shows up to support Colin as scans reveals what exactly Colin is suffering from from his trip to the Deadside.

The Bad:

There were some awkward facial shots in a couple of panels from Guinaldo. It looks like it was more of how the panel was composed compared to where the character had been standing/sitting. It does look different from his other work and kinda throws readers off a little.


The Moment of the Issue:

Dr. Silk’s return was gratifyingly creepy¬† and is tied with what we find in Colin’s brain. NINJAK_019_006


The Good:

Readers think they have an idea of how this bladed ‘Lethal Weapon’ story is going, but Kindt keeps giving wonderfully constructed twists. Some are small. Some are huge. Yet, Kindt keeps readers engaged and guessing. And while there were hints of what was to come in the previous issue, no one could expect what Colin is dealing with in the future and in the present. Kindt continues to build the antagonistic, but respectful relationship between Colin & Gilad perfectly here. They compliment each other in ways that other hero combinations just don’t. Their relationship feels very authentic, even though Colin looks older than Gilad at this point. The dialogue is very playful as well, making their particular tandem entertaining as always.

Meanwhile, the main storyline hits up as we get not only a return visit to the Deadside, but the return of Dr. Silk. Kindt takes this elements and gives them importance in both stories. While the main story convertly hints at its significance, it’s the secondary tale that tells us exactly how important the Deadside and what is affecting Colin’s head is. Kindt delivers well on that build up, making sure both stories have a strong importance. There’s a rich depth and solid pacing with both stories to make readers extremely satisfied, entertained and horrified.

Artistically, Evans really knocks it out of the park this issue with crisp detail and expression that captivate readers. The action in the issue feels intense as Evans graces the panels with powerful looking stills of action. And there’s a great amount of body language in the main story that Evans has fun with between Ninjak and Eternal Warrior which gives another layer of their friendship. Meanwhile, Guinaldo does a wonderful job, creating a torn atmosphere for Colin to start the next chapter of his life. He presents a wonderfully strong looking Livewire and gives plenty of strong, expressive looking facial expressions that really tell the story on their own. Plus, the drawing of the reveal of what’s bugging Colin was quite chilling, yet tastefully done. Both Arreola and Sotomayor give each story its own rich flavor with their colors, bringing out the best of their respective artists. Neither story over powers the other, rather compliment each other visually, despite the differences in color and style.

The Verdict:
Ninjak #19 gave us some superb storytelling in a way that is both interesting without hitting you over the head with things. Kindt crafts two very distinct stories that compliment each other completely. Meanwhile, Evans, Arreola, Guinaldo and Sotomayor give their own distinct artist prints on their respective stories, allowing their unique styles and colors blending in a spectacular union of sequential art. The revelation of Colin’s illness was stunning and a bit horrific while Dr. Silk’s return was an uncomfortable, but welcomed reunion by the devious bastard. A really stellar issue besides the minor art hiccups.