Straight Forward Reviews : Fathom Kiani vol 3 # 2

Kiani comes back this month for more action and intrigue in Aspen’s Fathom Kiani # 2.

Writer – Vince Hernandez

Artist – Gisueppe Cafaro

Publisher – Aspen

Review by Jeremias de Leon


Kiani makes some new friends and possibly many more enemies in the latest issue. A spoiler free summary is that Kiani meets a man who promises he can help her find what she’s looking for and of course we’re left to wonder if he really will do what he says about helping Kiani. Kiani herself does not trust him but decides that he’s the only lead she has right now and that’s all I’ll say without spoiling.

The writing in this is well done. Although there’s hints and glimpses of action, this issue is about the characters. Their dialog seems very well thought out and Kiani seems to be developing and growing as a character. The other character that wants Kiani for his research also gets fleshed out with a backstory. This issue really does a great job of rounding out it’s characters.


The art has been gorgeous in this book. There’s lots of eye candy in this book from Kiani’s complex hair, to beautiful scenery to a few awesome splash pages. The colors are beautiful as well and really add life to Giuseppe’s lines. I’ve got nothing detrimental to say about the art here.


If you want a book where you want a reason for the characters to be fighting and with lots of beautiful art you can do a lot worse than Fathom : Kiani. It has nice art, thought out characters and cool action. I highly recommend it. I give Fathom : Kiani Vol. 3 # 2 a 9 out of 10.