Seraph’s Sanctions: 4001 A.D. # 4

Writer: Matt Kindt
Art: Clayton Crain
Colors: Clayton Crain
Letterer: Dave Lanphear
Publisher: VALIANT ENTERTAINMENT (August 2016)

The Breakdown:

Rai vs. Father in a finale for the fate of New Japan … And it4001_004_003 does give a finale.


The Bad:

This issue was pretty solid. My only real gripe is that the final slow to Father happened rather quickly. Sure, it was almost half way through that we see the battle end, but it just felt a bit on the breezy side to me.

The Moment of the Issue:

Honestly, that last panel in the book were Lula talks about facing the future together was pretty damn sweet.

The Good:

Crain ends this book in an artistic high note. The book is a masterpiece from beginning to end. The clean, detailed pencil and ink work, to the use of both 4001_004_005darker tones and vivid colors as needed, Crain presented panels that were all worth of being called works of art that should be hanged on walls for the world to see. Crain dials up the cinematic flare to over 9000 here and it is work a gander. Every panel is near breath taking with bountiful detail, riveting actions or powerful emotion. The colors are sharp, really bring out the best of Crain’s art as we get a new feel of Earth in the future. And the energy of every panel is infectious as it makes you want to look at every last panel for a while, drinking in the detail and splendor of it all.

Meanwhile, Kindt pens a pretty thrilling issue. There was emotion, action, philosophy of man … all which made for a compelling read. Father’s own arrogance made him feel that he needed to sphepard humanity in his own image. Kindt takes that motivation and has Rai truly question it and make sense on his mission to liberate humanity. The pacing of the book is fast,but it felt mostly appropriate. Kindt had a big movie finale feel here and it definitely worked. Rai and Lula having some key character development that brought the story and their character arcs to a wonderful close. Kindt definitely takes free will over subjugation, but if that subjugation is hidden. What is truly right in the world4001_004_004 and Rai & Kindt give their answer quite beautifully. And with the narrative to keep the second half of the book flowing, 4001 wrapped up epically.


The Verdict:

4001 A.D. was a wide, cinematic ride that Kindt allowed this future to truly grow and florish, which the characters within it. Kindt’s writing felt a lil breezy here, but still gave a satisfying ending to the event and character arcs of Rai and Lula. Crain gives the artist tour de force here, giving some of the most stunning, beautiful issues in comics today. The cinematic panel work gave bold perspectives and really made this final issue feels as huge as the event is supposed to be. 4001 A.D. # 4 brought us a finale that was epic, satisfying, gorgeous and truly hopeful as our team wrapped up a long war in the most beautiful way possible.