1st Impressions: ETERNAL WARRIOR # 8

Written by Greg Pak
Art by Robert Gill, Mark Pennington, Guy Major & John Rauch
Valiant Comics


                Gilad ends up helping the mystery king take down the worshippers of Nergal. With Guns and Robots. It does not end well for some.
                Pak is a capable writer. The dialogue is good. The pacing of the issue was a bit fast, yet still hit all the beats well. We got some development for Gilad and Caroline dealing with the violence and children seeing things they end up mimicking later and the profound weight that comes when children see too much. Pak uses Caroline as Gilad’s redemption for having failed his other children. Although, that might not be the full case. 
                The conflict comes and goes. It serves its point. And the narration does let Pak make some strong statements at the end. Yet … the ending point just felt like filler. Sure. It is strong character arc for Gilad but here we are, posed with a future storyline of them fighting the warriors of Nergal, who we found out in the previous storyline, are being lead by Gilad’s son. It might be just my own expectation but since the revelation, I was thinking we’d see Gilad face his son in this storyline or possible connect to Rai because many of Valiant’s book introduce heroes in one book then give them a spin off.  No dice. And while the issue was solid … it just left me feeling ‘meh.’
                Gill and Pennington deliver a strong, beautiful art. It is detailed. Backgrounds, people, robots … you name it and these two really give us some detailed work. The varied amount of things lets Gill and Pennington really burst through the page. From action to quiet moments, Gill and Pennington grace us with a good amount of emotional expression as well. 
                Major and Rauch back them up with beautiful color that really makes their work look alive. The more lighter tones help keep in the mind of the landscape that these characters are in. Their colors make that future feel realized. Overall, a spectacular job by the art team.


                Eternal Warrior # 8 finished the storyline but left me feeling like it was just ‘filler’. It advanced the character of Gilad but nothing we were hinted at showed up with was a let down. Otherwise, it is written pretty solid.  The art was amazing though.


                Eternal Warrior # 8 gets a 7 … out of 10. It looks great and the story is just ok.