Seraph’s Sanctions: Kim & Kim # 2

Writer: Magdalen Vissagio
Art: Eva Cabrera
Colors: Claudia Aguirre
Letters: Zakk Saam
Publisher: BLACK MASK STUDIOS (August 2016)



The Breakdownunnamed(134):

Kim & Kim decide to protect and help Tom, who is currently being targeted by criminal known as El Scorcho. As they decided to shake down leads, they have no luck. Yet, Kim decide to go back to an old art in order to find her answer.

unnamed(133)The Bad:

Actually, the only real flaw for the issue was that the ominous feeling around Kim Quatro’s father was dropped rather quickly. It wasn’t a bad reveal just a bit underwhelming. That can very well change how I feel about the character later in the book, but for now, it wasn’t the greatest.


The Moment of the Issue:

That glorious cliffhanger with “Lady Babylon.”


The Good:

We have a pretty strong second issue here with a lot of good moving parts. Readers are whisked into a bar brawl and Vissagio pens a wild and unpredictable adventure. Vissagio gives our characters plenty of development. From the solid yet color narration from Kim to the interplay between the other Kim and her father. Vissagio keeps the entire issue interesting with twists that readers aren’t expecting, but still a lot of fun .unnamed(136).. i.e. an ocean made of hallucigens. What in the absolute f*** … THAT’s BRILLIANT! The dialogue is fast, loose and inventive. It both sounds authentic, but also very distinct. Kind of like the way people talk differently in different counties or cities within a country. I like this detail. Vissagio makes the dialogue, along with the majority of the book a lot of fun.

The art definitely shines here. Cabrera & Aguirre are a match made in heaven. While the art is simplier than most comic readers might be used to, it has style and flair. The line work is very clean, but Cabrera does enough detail to make every character distinct and not just a mode with different attachments for each character. There’s a wonderful energy whenever I look at a panel. The line work is so sharp and clean that it is very soothing to my eyes while the colors are nice and vibrant but not overpowering. It’s very clean yet very lively art, which I adore. There are definite hints of webcomics and anime influence seen in Cabrera’s art, but there is enough detail to make it look and feel bold.

The Verdict:

Kim & Kim #2 follows up to the first issue well, giving spectacular art with strong development. Vissagio develops the overall plot well, while giving readers enough curveballs and fun editions that will make for exciting reads and re-reads. The character work is top notch, making both Kims, Tom and more feel and sounds like fully realized characters. The art is cartoony, but wonderfully expressive and vibrant. Cabrera and Aguirre seem to have a perfect marriage of art and color that will not be denied. The search for Lady Babylon ends up being so much more than what readers will expect and the payoff and cliffhanger are definitely worth it. A fun read!