Seraph’s Sanctions: BLUE HOUR # 1

Writer: Dino Caruso
Art: Chad Cicconi
Colors: Francesca Zambon
Letterer: Adam Wollet
Publisher: ACTION LAB ENTERTAINMENT (August 2016)

The Breakdown:

We got to the future where humanity goes off world to find new resources. Meet Warden and Lamont. They team together to start a new colony after Lamont is able to broker a deal for land on a new planet,  Crux 4. Time passes, as Lamont stands firm as the leader of the colonists, he talks to Minister Okul to continue peaceful negotiations. Yet, there are people on both sides that do not agree with peaceful co-existence and who is in charge of their respective people.
Blue_Hour_1 DIGITAL-5

The Bad:

Ciccioni has a few panels where the people’s proportions seem a bit too thin while the heads are bigger. It only happens a few times, but I do see it there from some of the group panels.


The Moment of the Issue:

I do admit. I am a sucker for the cliffhanger this issue.

The Good:

Cicconi definitely seems like he is having fun here. There is a bit more detail to his art that I have seen in other works of his. And while his style continues to keep a simple, less is more classic comic book work makes the world of Blue Hour look fair solid. Everyone does look different. There is enough distinction with people’s faces and porportions to make them distinct between them. Crux 4 seems barren at first, but Cicconi gives enough detail to the new colony and our alien neighbors to make things look and feel alien. Zambon colors are done well. Zambon has a good eye, bringing out the line work of Cicconi well while also make some good atmosphere on the alien planet with some light touches.
Blue_Hour_1 DIGITAL-7
Caruso pens a strong first issue. We get a strong start with an old trope. Caruso gives plenty of characterization for the characters within Blue Hour, making for some really compelling reading. Lamont, Warden, Okul, Zosma … Caruso wastes little time give each character a distinctive voice and personality. Jasper showed up in a couple of pages and seemed like we got a good idea of his personality and motivations. All this while weaving the plots of the series seamlessly. Caruso makes the opening issue a great introduction to the series main themes, story beats and characters easy, interesting and thought-provoking. With tropes like Earth goes to colonize a new world and having issues with the locals, the characters sell the premise well and Caruso gives seeds to troubles that will plague our colonists and the locals.


The Verdict:

Blue Hour #1 gives a stellar introduction to colonists trying to start over after Earth’s resources have been laid to waste. While there was some issues with proportions here and there, the art was good. Clean lines, decent detail and excellent choices in color give the book a good atmosphere. Caruso pens a great issue with strong character development, building plot lines and captivating readers these characters and storylines. Tying in the title to the story the way he did was simple, but quite effective with the build up of the issue. It’s a pretty strong start.