Seraph’s Sanctions: Wrath of the Eternal Warrior #10

Writer: Robert Venditti
Art: Raul Allen, Patricia Martin, David Astruga, Robert Gill & Michael Spicer
Colors: Raul Allen & Borja Pindado
Letterer: Patricia Martin & Dave Sharpe

The BreakdownWRATH_010_002:

The Dying One aka The Sovereign of Centuries comes face to face with Gilad. And we find out his true purpose behind getting Gilad and the labyrinth.



The Bad:

Nothing wrong here.

Moment of the issue:

The horror in Gilad’s face when he realized what his son had to endure and his son’s connection to The Dying One.


The Moment of Awesome:
That moment, that wonderful, wonderful moment where Gilad decides to let the Dying One know how he felt about what he did.


The Good:


Allen, Martin and company own this issue. The art is exquisite with clean line work with the gritty inks and very sharp colors. Allen’s work is so crisp. He does so much with so little. The details in each panel were nice and vibrant. Allen definitely has his own signature in his art, making it look and feel a bit different from his previous work. There is some wonderful versatility. From the massive amount of bodies at Gilad’s feet to the emotional stand off between The Dying One and Gilad, Allen, Martin and company keep the art looking superb with a unique style and great tension later. The sheer power of the panel work is amazing, as Allen’s clean lines with the colors are quite riveting as the book’s style really reaches its pinnacle here. Gill’s epilogue was quite exqusite with a cleaner and sharper line work than we have seen him to date. It was just as powerful as Allen’s work, but unique in its own way. It didn’t detract from Allen’s work at all and left its own impact that was quite lovely to look at.

Venditti creatWRATH_010_006es quite an impact here in this showdown with The Dying One. Venditti perfectly builds off the tension that he created with the previous issues while giving strong characterizations for Gilad and The Dying One, forming a very, very personal stand off. Venditti uses the majority of the storyline to show how much of a badass Gilad is against unspeakable odds, but this issue was about the heart of the matter. The Dying One’s reveals about his own “immortality” and his connection to Gilad were extremely well handled and were definitely unexpected. The Dying One proves to be a vicious rogue in Gilad’s rogues gallery and this issue cemented him as on of Valiant’s greatest threats. The dialogue between Gilad and The Dying One is superb, with their words allowing to express more than just what was being said. This was some of Venditti’s best work yet.


The Verdict:

Labyrinth’s conclusion was extremely satisfying, creating a personal showdown between The Dying One and Gilad that held more weight than the mountains of broken tech and bodies that our hero laid out during the previous issues. Allen and company produce a masterful issue with their unique style to give plenty of atmosphere, tension and emotion with every panel they touch. Gill’s epilogue was just as impactful, but definitely unique with its own style. Venditti crafts this finale to have so much personal weight that it definitely feels like it will go with the character for time to come. And the character interactions and revelations this issue made the read all that more worthy of a read. Definitely read this finale of Labyrinth. It is some of Valiant’s best yet.