Seraph’s Sanctions: VAMPBLADE #6

Writer: Jason Martin
Art: Winston Young
Colors: Marcelo Costa
Letterer: Adam Wollet
Publisher: ACTION LAB: DANGER ZONE (July 2016)

The Breakdown:

Katie fVampblade_6_DIGITAL-3aces off against an armored woman at the store in front of one of her workers. As the fight ends up much harder for Katie than she realized, we find out the motivation of our armored assailant.


The Bad:



The Moment of the Issue:

Katie’s glorious escape. It was quite entertaining.


The Good:

Young & Costa render a solid issue. Young’s art is starting to evolve, adding a bit more bits of detail to backgrounds and characters. It isn’t much and most people won’t realize it, but it’s there. Young’s pencils are a bit sharper. Young’s work reflects how much more comfortable with the world of Vampblade and the action that it entails. From the explosive, in-your-face action at the start of the book to the slower, quieter moments between Katie and her adversary, Young’s art doesn’t disappoint with the stronger inks and slightly detailed line work. Meanwhile, Costa’s colors give Young’s art a more distinctive, powerful look and feel. There’s an energy in Costa’s colors that makes the art a bit more vibrant than before. It works rather well.

Meanwhile, Martin produces just the right mix of action, camp and suspense to keep readers thrilled this issue. Building upon Katie’s worry about her secret identity, her Vampblade persona goes out the window … to her co-worker at least as she transforms in front of him to go into action against our villainess. And our villainess is sly, manipulative, vicious and downright hilarious. TVampblade_6_DIGITAL-8he writing alone shows how much fun that our writer is having by making the right mix of laughs, danger and action throughout the book.  Katie gets some excellent characterization here as we get to learn a bit of her and our madame of evil. Martin mixes everything well, similar to the Buffy the Vampire Slayer formula that work so well.  The pacing of the issue was well done, allowing to build upon last issue while advancing the storyline and characters.

The Verdict:

Vampblade #6 provides a lot of action, suspense, thrills and mystery to the current storyline. The characters get good development while advancing the storyline. The advancement didn’t hinder the characterizations or vice versa. Martin crafts a fun issue, building on the previous issues while setting up for the climax of this storyline. Young and Costa’s art is definitely improved, allowing readers a sharper look and focus with the art. They clearly have fun with the panel work and the colors are just vibrant. It’s a fun ride overall.