Super Universal Grand Savior #1

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Level 01: Game Start, Part I


By Frankie Rodriguez


All characters and places are non-fiction. Any places or person that seemed similar are purely coincidental. All characters are owned by Francisco K. Rodriguez (also known as Frankie Rodriguez).


“Eternity. Infinity. The universe is vast beyond the normal human comprehension. Luckily for me . . . I am NOT a normal human. What is and what will be was far more interesting in this universe. Cause eventually, I figured that the universe was not right. And that is where I come in . . . and not just this universe. I was going to be great. I was going to make creation my bitch.”


Gambler’s Heights- Babylon City, Florida

5 Weeks Ago


Babylon City.The newest metropolis in Central Florida. A city by the sea where anything and anyone is up for grabs. On top of a casino hotel, a man stood in the center, looking up at the night sky. Clouds had obscured the man in shadow, till the moon broke out,revealing the man to be  heavily armored with chest plate of gold with silver lining. His shoulder pads made of the same colors but also lined with red. His booths made of metal, colored silver topped with gold knee pads and red lining. His pants were dark red stopping at a metal belt with hard plates on either side at his waist. The belt was gold with red lining with a circle buckle. Within the buckle was the mark of infinity within. His helmet was mostly silver with a gold face plate and three red lines on the top if it. His black cape ruffled in the wind. The armored man folded his arms as suddenly . . .


Lightning danced across the roaring, black sky. A burst struck down merely inches away from the armored man. As the lightning consumed the sky, the armored man could see the outline of a skeleton walking towards him. Muscle was then seen, followed by white eyes. Yet, there was no real flesh on this being. There was a slim skirt that covered his waist, made of blood red fabric, accented in gold.  The skeletal man pounded the concrete towards him, the armored being noticed the attire was similar to Aztec dress.


“Xolotl . . . at your service,” bowed the skeleton.


The armored man smirked within his helmet. “The Aztec god of Lightning. Welcome back to Earth Xolotl.”


“I thank you for the invitation. I and my fellow brethren have waited long for this moment. It is a travesty the way the mortals have now reduced us to nothing more but fantasy.”


“Xolotl . . . it will not be long till you . . . and the rest of the gods finally reclaim this world.”


“Which asks why would you do such . . .?”


The armored being held up his hand. “Do not worry about my intentions. They will be known soon enough. But first . . . there is the problem of certain beings coming into power that may challenge us.”


“Which beings?” questioned Xolotl.


The armored man said, “Why the Saviors of Om of course. They are the descendants of the cursed beings that had you and your fellow gods exiled from this dimension. I don’t know about you but don’t you want a shot at the beings that imprisoned you gods all those centuries ago.”


Xolotl howled and the lightning in the sky began to dance more and more. Suddenly the power in the city went out for a few minutes. Xolotl glowed in power but so did the armored man.


“We shall crush them. I have some of my fellow gods ready to follow me. I accept your invitation, Pantheon.”


The armored man, known only as Pantheon, smiled again within his helmet. Pantheon took out his hand and Xolotl shook it. “Then welcome to Deus Ex Imperia, Xolotl. Now, let’s make this universe tremble at our might.”


Winter Cove Section- Babylon City,Florida


5 Weeks Ago


This vast city has lots of things; farmland that seem to get greener every year; developing housing for the growing population;fast food joints at every quarter of the city and a large population of Puerto Ricans who have continued to multiply uncontrollably alongside many other cultures that build up the population. In a simple, suburban section of the city, a young Rican in his mid-twenties steps outside of a large two story house to look around at his surroundings and sighs.


“It is so weird being here again. Three years and I feel like I am in a foreign country now.”


As he ran a hand through his buzzed cut head, the man known as Quentin stepped down once, he gets hit from behind with a push.


A slightly younger version of himself looks at the young Rican. With glasses and a cap on, the younger man smirked.


“Gonna stand here all day or unpack. Move your lazy ass bitch.”


The mid-twenties man fired back playfully, “Oh shut your trap, biatch. Just taking a look around.”


“Why? You’ve been here before. You used to live here . . . remember Quentin?”


Quentin scanned his younger brother, shaking his head. “That was three years, two degrees and several hundred drinks ago.”


“Ah . . . the joys of college. Glad I didn’t miss too much.” Quentin’s brother, Juan Carlo; affectionately Carlo, went into a silver van carrying out two stacked boxes. Quentin followed suit, holding three boxes of his own.


“Three years of college changes a man. You should have went,” Quentin chirped with a knowing look to his younger brother.


Carlo replied, “Uh . . . nah. College just ain’t my thing bro.”


Inside the home of the Santana Family, Quentin goes to his old bedroom after a lengthy absence. The tall and wide room had not changed much since his departure back three years before. Posters of Farscape and Transformers were hanging along with a varied collection of comic books. Quentin thought it was going to be time to change up the room and put up some posters in his room. He kept looking at stuff till he stopped at his TV stand where his old Playstation Two stood with some DVDs and games. On top of his PSTwo was a small and wide box, wrapped up in silver and red paper. Quentin dropped his boxes then picked up the wrapped box into his grubby hands.


“Carlo . . . Carlo . . .” called out Quentin.


His brother came into his bedroom. “What’s up? You want to rearrange sh . . .whoa. Who left you that?”


“You mean you ain’t have a clue who left this in my room?” inquired Carlo’s older brother, examining the box for any signs of who could have left it.


Carlo shook his head. “Not a clue. I didn’t think Mami got you anything. Damn . . . I feel left out. I don’t think you should tell Yari that Mami got you something.”


Quentin’s eyebrow cocked curiously. “Don’t think Mami did this.”


“Aren’t you gonna unwrap it?”


Quentin looked at his brother. Carlo glanced at Quentin. Carlo sighed.


“Okay. I get it. You wanna check it out alone.”


“Yeah. Sorry, little brother.”


“Just share what it is with me lata. I am gonna grab a few more of your things from the van.”


Quentin opened to box to look at the contents with in. His face phased from a hard smile to a perplexed pout. Within the box was what seemed to be a contraption, seemingly shaped like a controller that has a cellphone part of it. Quentin flipped the bronze and crimson colored “cellphone console” open to see an extremely large display screen on it. A bronze colored “S” what was made of solid diagonal lines inside a circle was engraved on it. A slip on one side was surrounded by a black grip. On the other side of the “console” was two openings for plug in attachments of some kind. Quentin scratched his head as he lifted it up. There was an lCD screen flashing phone buttons on the lower portion of the phone console. There were other sets of buttons and seemingly controls at the bottom of the phone console.


A note and two box like sticks laid within the box. Quentin grabbed the letter in his hands, opening it up. The note stated:


Here’s your Savior Player. Place the Savior Bank, the stick like memory card, into the Savior Player, the console. It will upload your Savior Player info and give you options when setting up the “game.” You should be honored at being one of the first chosen in the “game.” So load it up and enjoy. And hope you survive the experience.


Quentin shook his head for a moment at the note. “What the hell?”


Babylon City, Florida

Evening – A little after Midnight



Quentin punched a being of gray rotting flesh with what seemed to be a dress and wrappings on his left in a dark city street.  Quentin flips forward over the “mummy” and struck it with a hard kick with his left stomach. Another Mummy threw a punch at him from the right. Quentin blocked with his forearm then swept the mummy to the ground.Quentin flipped over another one, joining another Puerto Rican with short black hair and a shirt; it was The Rock “Just Bring It!” jersey. The two men kicked the gut of one mummy then swept the others at either side of them. As the two men looked around the large cemetery they were crossing, the gravestones were being obscured by the stomping of mummies, running towards the two men.


“Now that’s what I talkin’ bout!” exclaimed the other Puerto Rican named Luis. Luis then ducked under a punch then slammed his feet into the face of the attacking mummy.


Quentin cried, “Glad you are enjoying this. Let’s help the others and get the fuck out of here!”


“Come on! You can’t be telling me this don’t give ya a rush?!”


“Lu . . . when this is done, I will tell you how much I am enjoying battling the undead.”


The second wave  of mummies came at the duo, with arms stretched at a feverish pace. Luis and Quentin cart wheeled their way through them. Suddenly, the two men turned then let their legs reach high, snapping off the heads of the a couple mummies with a single, clear movement. To Luis left was a blonde haired girl who was kicking each mummy in the “private” area. To Quentin’s right was a tall, slim Caucasian male who flipped over a mummy then punched one from behind them.


The Caucasian male shouted, “Tell me this is a dream or some alcohol induced dream. Please Quentin!”


“I would, but I would hate to lie, Parker.” Quentin blocked a kick with his palm then flipped backward, kicking a mummy’s head off. After Quentin landed, Luis hopped over Quentin and delivered a punch to an incoming mummy.


The girl replied kicking the face of a mummy as its jaw falls to the ground, “A lie would sound really good right about now. Hell, vodka sounds good right about now and I hate vodka.”


Quentin screamed as he kicked a mummy then elbowed the back of its head, “Can we survive this first then deal with getting some booze? And did that guy’s jaw fall down?!”


“Uh . . . affirmative there Quentin,” chimed Parker. Parker quickly fell down as two mummies were coming at him. Parker pushed himself back up on his feet with his hands then jumped into the air. Parker twisted his left leg around and sledged his foot into the face and chest of one mummy. Parker turned around in midair then kicked back with both feet, slamming the other mummy into the tree.


The four regrouped. Only two mummies were left standing. Luis flipped over the two, kicking them towards the rest of the group of living works. Quentin jumped for a moment but then the girl and Parker kicked one mummy down, letting its decaying skull roll onto the street before them. The last mummy came at Quentin who then kicked its gut then took its head and slammed himself and the mummy onto the hard concrete of the street.


“RKO!” Luis screamed with his arms up in victory. The four had regrouped several feet away from the original battleground next to a group of cars in a parking lot near by. Quentin was breathing a little hard while everyone else seemed fine from the encounter.


Parker stated, “Well, this certainly isn’t a dream. We just beat up mummies.”


Luis added enthusiastically, “We beat the shit out of mummies.”


The girl screamed in anger and frustration, “ Hello?! Mummies. We were fighting mummies! MUMMIES! You know? The undead? Does that ring a bell? This doesn’t make sense!”


Parker shook his head. “Neither does yelling in our ears.”


Quentin stepped forward as he looked down the street. He searched for mummies or anything else they might be after them. After a few minutes, Quentin sighed.


“That’s’ not the only thing but I think it’s connected to these,” pointed Quentin, raising his left hand with had the console he had opened two weeks earlier.


Oddly enough, the three other people also had the console on their sides. The girl began to yell in frustration again.


“What does a video game system have to do with us and the undead?! Seriously!”


“Moody, aren’t we,” replied Parker.


The girl’s eyes turned to him with a glare. Luis was chuckling as Quentin continued to speak.


“We got these nice new console things and suddenly we were fighting mummies. We didn’t even know each other for long and boom . . . we’re fighting for our lives.”


Luis looked at his console and suddenly there was a point value and level on the display screen. “Wait a minute? Do y’all got points on your screens right now for taking down the mummies?”


Everyone checked their consoles and sure enough there are point values on each of their screens.


“Okay. We all got these. We fight for our lives and we get points. Like this is some kind of game.”


“Exactly,” a mysterious voice cried.


The group turned around to come face to face with a Caucasian man with black hair with white on the temples. He was a tall with a medium build with a simple blue suit but oddly crystal blue eyes. Luis turned to him with a grimace.


“Who the hell are you?”


The older man chuckled. “My name is Prophet. And I am here for two reasons . . . first to state you are now playing the greatest game ever developed and two . . . to congratulate you. You have all just become inheritors of the most important legacy of all time … you’re all are chosen to be the Grand Saviors.”


Washington-Carver Mall

Velez Landing – Babylon City, Florida

4 weeks Ago


Washington-Carver Mall. Local hang out for the new mallrats of the county. Also, the source of employment for many. Inside a local department store, Quentin walked in with a navy blue shirt and black slacks. He walked up a group of steps into a hallway till he reached a meet room with six girls and one other guy. The other guy was bulkier, dressed in a blue shirt and black slacks. Quentin took a deep breath and sat down in a table where most of the girls were sitting. The other guy grabbed a soda from his left then sat down next to Quentin. Quentin nodded at the guy and the guy nodded back.


The guy then said, “Man . . . I hate wearing shirts like this.”


Quentin chuckled for a moment. “Not a fan of wearing ties myself.”


“You think they would let us wear whateva we want for training.”


Quentin replied, “Nah. Of course not. They want us to be their little puppets.”


“Ah . . . you sound like you don’t want to be here.”


“And you are like me, not wanting to be here.”


“It’s money and it’s for now.”


“Same here.” Quentin put out his hand and the other guy shook it. “Name’s Quentin.”


“Luis, what’s up?”


“Nice to meet you.”


“Same here. Looks like this training might not be too bad,” Luis scanned all the women in the room. He whispered, “Look at all the pussy in this room, man.”


Quentin laughed out Luis. All the women turned to him.




Luis had a goofy smile on his face. “Man . . . you are funny.”


“You should see me when I am trying to walk. I am a riot. So . . . what department are you working in?”


“Men’s. I hear there’s a lot of hot girls there.”


Quentin smiled “Oh yeah.”


“What bout you?”






“Where they sell yard shit and the Christmas Trees and grills.”




“Yep. Commission and salary boy. I am gonna have me some good checks.”


Luis shook his head for a moment.




“You sound like you are gonna like it here. Actually, you been very excited since you walked in here.”


“Just killing time till I get out of here so I can get a game for this new system I got a few days ago. It is real new ‘cause my local store don’t have games for it.”


Luis’s face suddenly curved in curiosity. “What system?”


“A Savior Player. I never heard of it but someone got it for me. I mean it looks like a funky ass cellphone but from the looks of it, the system is fire. According to the internet, this is one of the most illusive systems ever made.”


“But you have no idea who got you it?”


Now, Quentin was curious. Luis looked to him and replied, “No. Why you ask?”


“Man . . . I got the same system dawg.”


Ray’s Drink N Dine

West Crystal Bay -Babylon City, Florida



Inside of a late night within large diner at a main intersection of the waterfront area known as West Crystal Bay, the four would be heroes sit down with the man in the suit from a short time earlier. West Crystal Bay’s Ray’s sits with is old style diner on a pier, overlooking the ocean as Quentin, Luis, Adrienne and Parker quickly rushed in. Settling for a large, orange-red booth, the group looked over menus while they chat. Luis’s eyes never leave the man in the suit. Quentin also kept an eye on the stranger. Prophet takes out a cigarette from his side pocket and lights up. After a quick drag, he smirked.


“Ah . . . the simple pleasures of life.”


Quentin asked, “Not to be rude but what does the simple pleasures in life got to do with what happened earlier tonight?”


“Fuck about being rude. You betta tell us what the deal is cause I don’t got patience for games,” snapped Luis.


The man in the suit simply sighed. “Can you keep it down? It’s for your best interest.”


A young woman in her twenties with short black hair stopped in front of the group.


“Hi. My name is Haley. How are you doing this evening?”


Luis shot with an answer with a smile. “Pretty good now that you are here.”


Parker added, “What my friend is saying is that we are doing great. And your smile seemed to liven things up.”


Quentin muffled under his breath, “Crazy ass breeders.”


“Can we just order drinks? I am thirsty,” commented the girl.


“My. Someone’s got their knickers in a bunch,” Prophet said under his breath.


“What?!” the girl spat.


Quentin quickly said, “Don’t mind us. We just got out of work. I’ll have raspberry lemonade.”


Parker said, “Coke.”


The girl sighed. “Sprite.”


Luis smirked, “Let me start out with your phone number beautiful . . .”


The waitress blushed as Quentin slapped the top of his head. Luis chuckled a moment. “Okay okay. I will have a beer.”


“And I thought you were hardcore Luis,” commented the man in the suit. “A Long Island Iced Tea.”


The group glanced at Prophet as he smiled. The waitress went away as the group turned their focus to their host.


The girl folded her arms, gazing expectantly at Prophet. “So, you gonna come clean or is this to shut our mouths?”


“What? A man can’t just buy you all dinner?” inquired Prophet.


The girl snapped, “That’s like saying a guy can only be friends with a girl. It’s the same thing . . . bullshit.”


Parker chimed while staring at Prophet. “Since you’re paying for everything . . . where’s the steak then?”


Quentin shook his head. “Seriously, we deserve an explanation. About the game. The mummies. And that whole Saviors deal.”


Parker added, “And why do we have points on the top of the screen?”


Prophet took another drag of his cigarette. “You see . . . you have all been chosen. Chosen to defend the realm of earth in a tournament called Mortal Kombat.”


Parker chuckled out loud from that comment while the other three had grimaces on their faces. Parker stopped as he turned to the man in the suit.


“That wasn’t funny,” Parker said, stifling a laugh.


Luis growled, “The hell it wasn’t. I spent enough time with living motherfuckers wanting a piece of my ass. There is no need to add the undead assholes alongside them.”


Prophet shrugged his shoulders. “You all need to relax. Have a couple of pints and I will tell you everything . . . that I can.”


“Undead mummies were just trying to kill us! I think we have a right to be uptight and get some straight answers!” The girl screamed in a whisper.


Luis added, “Come clean before I break your fuckin’ legs.”


“Charming aren’t you all,” commented Prophet.


Quentin said in a low, threatening voice. “I suggest you tell us before I help Luie break your legs.”


Prophet takes another drag and lets the smoke out. “Had any interesting dreams lately kids?”


The four young adults were now listening to the man intently.


“Or better yet, remember when you bought, or should I said, were given the game?”


Avalonville – Babylon City, FL


2 Weeks Ago


The southernmost section of Babylon City, was a small but crammed place. In the main street, rows and rows of shops and businesses lay. On a warm day in May, Luis and Quentin were walking down the sidewalk as they past the southern influenced area. Both had brought the consoles that they had gotten through mysterious means. Luis and Quentin had tried to find a place that recognized that game system with no luck. Then Quentin’s brother had suggested this little store in Avalonville. Suddenly, the two Puerto Ricans stopped in front a store with its glass stating “The Download Station.” The two entered the store. It was not very big but had plenty of games and almost every single gaming system a person could think of.


Quentin was fiddling around as Luis was inspecting every game. Every so often, Luis or Quentin would state that they needed a particular game. After a few minutes, a middle aged man walked out wearing a Final Fantasy XII shirt. His head was shaved bald as he had a goatee and earrings.


The bald attendant of the store stated, “Hi! Is there anything I can help you guys with?”


Luis turned to the bald man. “Actually there might be.” Luis pulled out his console. “My friend and I were wondering if you knew anything about this particular console.”


The bald man’s eyes bulged in disbelief. “How did you get that?”


“It was a gift from . . . my mother,” Luis lied. Much like Quentin, Luis had no idea of who got him the console.


“Dude . . . I wish my mom loved me that much. You know what that is?” the bald man stated.


Luis and Quentin shook their heads. Before Luis can speak another word, the door opened. In walked in a lanky, Caucasian male with short strawberry blonde hair and green eyes. He wore a black Incubus t-shirt and a pair of dark brown shorts with some simple black sneakers. In his hands, was a Savior Player similar to Quentin’s and Luis’s. Yet the difference in his was that it was silver and green while Luis’s was silver and black.


Parker walked up to the three men. “Davie, just the man I was looking for?”


“Parker?! You got one too?! Holy shit! This is insane. How can three people in the same county have one of the most advanced and sought after systems in creation?! It is mathematically impossible. And it is not even suppose to be here yet! Dude, this is crazy.”


Quentin and Luis looked at each other then back at Davie and Parker. Parker glanced at two guys, noticing Luis’s console.


“Looks like I am not exclusive. So, what did I interrupt Davie?”


Davie went behind his counter, rummaging through his shelves and boxes while the three guys listened to him.


“What you three have are exclusive prototypes for a gaming console that isn’t supposed to come out here in the states for another 7 months. What you have are the Savior Players, the most advanced game system on the planet. The fact that it’s portable is a plus. That system will be able to play online games, older games . . . whatever as the Savior Players are the second coming of gaming. Gaming is suppose to be so real with that console . . .”


Parker interjected, “We get it. The next big game system.”


Davie pops out with a handful of items. Three boxes with the words “Savior Ranger” on top in bold letters, each a different color matching each of the three guys’ Savior Players. Along with the game were three memory cards with tops matching the color for each man.


“This is the exclusive first title. I just got them two weeks. Along with memory cards. I didn’t think I would ever actually see the Savior Player though.”


Quentin replied, “How much do we owe . . .”


Davie just laughed. “Twenty dollars?”


Parker chuckled. “You sure about this Davie. That’s a bit low for a console and game.”


“Yeah. I mean, if this is the next generation of gaming shouldn’t this game be at least 50 bucks?” Luis inquired.


“For what? You guys are the only ones who have ‘em. They are just gonna collect dust anyway. So at least with 20 bucks from each of your, that makes it a legit sale.”


The three grabbed a game and memory card and gave Davie $20 a piece. Luis grabbed the black logo game and memory card. Parker took the green logo game and memory card. Quentin held the red logo game and memory card.


Davie smirked as he saw another customer at his register. “Hey . . . tell me how the game goes.”


Parker smiled, nodding. “Promise. We’ll tell ya as soon as we can.”


Quentin turned towards the door. “Thanks again. See ya.”


“Later dudes.”


Quentin, Parker and Luis all end up outside, holding on to their games and Savior Players more perplexed than before. Parker turned to the two Puerto Ricans with a grin.


Quentin commented, “This is getting eerie.”


“ I know what you mean man. Too fuckin’s suspicious for me.” Luis added.


“Shit. I am just glad. I got one. Although, I don’t remember the last time three people in the same area got a test system first. Anyway . . .Let’s see what these babies can do.” Parker stated. The three made their way to their respected cars. “By the way, the name’s Parker. Where are you two off to?”


Babylon City, FL

Ray’s Drink and Dine



“Son of a bitch,” Luis began. “You knew.”


“Knew?!” chuckled Prophet. “You dumb git. It was me who gave you those games.”


Parker had suddenly lost in thought. The girl’s eyes widen in surprise. Luis’s face stuck in a curious tilt.


Quentin added, “And you who gave us the Savior Players.”


The man with the suit smirked. “Boy you would be a great detective, if you weren’t wrong. I gave you the game. The console . . . that is a whole ‘nother story.”


Quentin barked, “You cheated us out of 80 bucks!”


“Yeah well . . . had to make it look real mate,” replied the Englishman.


Parker shook his head. “Wait? You’re Davie?”


“No Parker,” The girl replied. “He disguised himself as Davie.”


“But I was sure I was talking to Davie that day,” Parker continued.


Quentin slapped his forehead as Prophet cleared his throat.


“Now children . . . it is time for me to tell you why you are here. That is my main job, you know,” Prophet took another drag from his cigarette then rubbed it on an ashtray. “You have all be chosen. Chosen to fight in . . .”


Luis snapped, “If you go with the Mortal Kombat crap again, I will break your legs.”


Prophet sighed. “ I was not going to go with the whole Mortal Kombat thing again. What you are involved in is much more exciting and dangerous.”


Parker scratched his head. “Wait . . . so you are Davie?”


The girl and Quentin sighed. Luis said nothing as Prophet continued.


“As I was saying. You four have been chosen to fight in the greatest game known to creation. You must protect the planet from powers that it is near unfathomable. Powers that will try to tear the Earth . . . hell, even the universe apart. The Gods of Myth are coming back children. They are coming back and they are very pissed off.”


“What?!” Quentin exclaimed.


“Keep it down,” spoke the girl in a low voice. Prophet continued.


“You know . . . Greek Mythology, Norse Mythology, Egyptian Mythology . . . all those Gods . . . the many things you thought were just fairy tales and legends? Well, they’re real. Each one of them. Gods once walked the Earth.”


The girl snapped, “Do you know how fucked up that sounds? I mean, in the bible, it preaches not to worship false idols. How can these Gods exist?”


Luis added, “And why haven’t we seen them? What kinda crack are you smoking?”


Prophet shook his head. “This isn’t the time for not believing. You were fighting undead mummies tonight. They were dressed seemingly in Egyptian garb. If undead mummies are walking around . . . should something in your head be like ‘Oh wow . . . the dead are coming after me to get a piece of my arse.’ It’s all true children. The pantheons of myths are real.”


Quentin stated, “That still doesn’t explain why they haven’t been here and why are they after us.”


Luis and the girl turned to Quentin with displeased looks on their faces. Luis stated, “What are you doing? You aren’t buying this whole thing are ya?”


“He was right about the mummies. We were living Night of the Living ‘Fuckin’ Dead out there, Luie. If this man has information to help us survive, I want to hear it.”


The girl snapped, “Are you retarded? He is making all this shit up. Those could have been guys in make up.”


Quentin countered, “Whose head can be kicked off and roll around? Right. I trust this guy a little more than you cause he at least gave us his first name. Now for the next few minutes, shut up and listen.”Quentin turned back to Prophet. “Go ahead.”


“The short version . . . the Gods were ousted out of this dimension for the most part centuries ago. As for who did it and why, don’t have much. Just that there was the beginnings of a war amongst the Gods of many different myths. If the war had occurred on Earth, none of us would be having this conversation now. So a bunch of warriors used powers to seal the gods away.”


The girl murmured, “That’s a comforting thought.”


“Well . . . they are coming back. They are not happy with us Mortals. They are pissed off and they aren’t gonna take it anymore. I fancy them having some violent tempers. And the mummies were just the beginning of it.”


“Why are they coming back now Prophet,” inquired Quentin.


Prophet smiled, “An event that is occurring on a galactic scale is starting to occur, mates. You are gonna see things that you thought were just stories and fables start runnin’ around. And they aren’t as pretty as the stories or the cartoons . . . there are not going to be fairy tale endings. This is gonna be nasty . . .dirty . . . dragged out . . . fight to the bloody fuckin’ finish kinda fight. You see . . .the entire universe is beginning to change. Someone is takin’ the balls to fuck with reality. Not too much but enough to bring back those blokes we all know as Gods and Goddess and all their little groupies. And it is your job to fend them off.”


Luis and Quentin both cried, “What?!”


Prophet was nodding. “Oh yes sunshine. You four are the final line of defense against a bunch of pissed off Gods and Goddess who basically want to make you all fall to your knees and take it in the bum. And if you think the mummies were something . . . wait to see the other beasts that they will throw out. Hundreds of Thousands of beings, with more powers than most of the heroes on Earth. You are the people who are suppose to be the Saviors and save the world. You are the ones chose to be Saviors. Oh . . . if you think other heroes might come in and take over . . . don’t. Most aren’t equipped to deal with them. You are the chosen ones. You are the big men . . . and woman. You are to stop the pantheons coming to Earth and make us all their bitch.”


At this point, Haley had return with the drinks. The girl shook her head while Parker was till perplexed. Luis seemed angry while Quentin was just in awe. Haley game Prophet his Long Island Iced Tea when Quentin shot up his hand, not even looking at the waitress.


“You know what miss . . . I don’t want this drink anymore. I think I will have vodka.”


Luis turned to him with a perplexed look. “You’re drinking?! But you don’t drink!”


“Yes. Now shut up. Miss . .. I will have vodka and sprite.”


“On the rocks sir?”


“No. I want a cup of Sprite and bring me the whole fuckin’ bottle.”



Near A set of pyramids in the desert

2 Weeks Ago


Pantheon walked in scorching desert with ease under its unforgiven sun. As his red cape flapped in the wind, the armored man folded his arms as he stopped. As the sand blew in the wind, the armored man began to chuckle. Next to him, a dark skinned man turned to him and nodded.


“This is it. This will bring my family . . . back.”


Pantheon threw out his arms as the sand in front of them began to blow furiously into the air. A sand storm had came to be and moved toward the two. The dark skinned man made his eye glow and let the sand storm pass them. Once the storm had disappeared, and a golden pyramid was revealed. Pantheon turned to his dark skinned companion as the golden pyramid gleamed in the sky.


“An . . . now I will have my son back. And soon . . .my wife will return to me.”


Pantheon shook his head. “Boy . . .haven’t pegged you as a family man.”


“That is cause everyone expects the Gods to act like easy harlots cause of that dumb ass Zeus. I really wish that Olympian sperm bank could fuckin’ be a man and admit his shit.”


Pantheon laughed. “Ah . . . for an Egyptian god, you’re pretty hood.”


“Hood? Bitch . . . I may be an Egyptian god but I was raised in this incarnation as a black man in America!”


Pantheon shook his head as they entered the pyramid. As the two made their way inside a chamber, a large dark purple crystal nestled itself in the center. A dark glow hummed on the crystal. The two figures paused to gaze upon the beauty of the crystal.


The dark skinned man smiled evilly, “At last. I shall have my family back. There essences of my family shall find the souls in which they are incarnated in. And we shall return this world to the age of Gods.”


“That’s the plan. Shall we?” Pantheon held up a hand.


Suddenly, a humanoid dog man jumped in front of the two. Its black head covered in head dress. His garments gold and black. His human like hands wielding a staff with a smaller dark purple crystal on top. His gleaming white teeth drenched in his own saliva.


“How dare you trespass this sacred cavern! How dare . . .”


“Anubis . . .chill. It’s me.” The dark skinned man said with a hard, commanding tone.


Anubis, the Egyptian God of Death, glared at the dark skinned man then his eyes widened and he fell to his knees. “My lord . . .forgive my impudence brother.”


The dark skinned man grinned as he gazed at Anubis. “Well, do just stand there. Help us get the rest of our family out. It’s time for our return.”


Anubis replied, “Yes Osiris.”


The dark skinned man smiled while Pantheon leaned against the wall. “I like the street talk better.”


Babylon City, FL

Ray’s Drink N Dine



Quentin began to sway around as he was exiting the restaurant. Luis and Parker were right behind him, looking after the first man chosen to be a Savior Ranger. The girl went outside fuming. While Prophet was behind them all, shaking his head in disappointment.


“The world is going to be saved by this group of bleeding nitwits. And their most responsible member decides to get shitfaced at the news.” Prophet takes a moment to let his comment sink in to the group before him.  “Bloody hell, the universe is doomed.”


The girl went up to Quentin, pointing her finger out motherly at him.


“What were you thinking? Getting drunk after we just had to fight for our lives.”


Quentin smirked at her, while he looked around. After that, Quentin just walked forward, swaying in his drunken state. The girl yelled in frustration.


“Are you that stupid? Can’t you handle life in general? I mean, one minute you are all responsible guy, next you are a drunken fool.”


Luis was the first to speak back as the group was crossing a large street. “Hey. Don’t be calling my boy a fool. He helped save your ass earlier. If you weren’t so damn self-absorbed, you would have seen that.”


The girl snapped, “I wasn’t talking to you, was I? So, mind your business.”


Parker stated as the group turned down a road near a large park, “Now hold on there missie? There is no reason to snap at us.”


“There is every reason to snap at you dumbasses,” the girl started as she was now fully shouting at the three men. “You are the reason I am in this mess. You are all suppose to be helping to save the world when all you three can do is laugh this off.”


“Well, it is kinda funny,” Parker chuckled as Quentin began to laugh lowly.


“Funny? Funny?! You think that this is some joke. God . . . men are so fucking stupid. We were being chased by the undead . . .”


“And blah, blah, blah,” interrupted Luis. He sighed as he was helping Quentin stay on his feet. “You ain’t saying anything that you haven’t said to us before. You’re like some broken record.”


Parker added, “Seriously, you need to relax. We will work out this whole mess. I hope we do.”


Prophet’s eyes bugged at Parker saying hope. He reached into his pocket, getting another cigarette and started to smoke again.


As the group passed over a bridge in the park, “I am sick of this shit and I have only known you guys for a few hours. As for me . . .”


Quentin suddenly went up to her putting one finger to his mouth. “Shhh!”


The girl pushed her hair back and then folded her arms. “What? What the hell do you have to say since you want me to shut up?”


Quentin gazed at her with a goofy smile. He shifted to his left, where Luis was holding him up. Quentin gave his friend a nod which Luis took in understanding. Quentin switched to the right where he did the same with Parker. Parker gave a light chuckle as he turned to the girl again. The girl just stood in front of them with her arms folded. Quentin smiled then the smile broke for a moment.


“You . . . are a bitch.”


The girl’s face faulted, curving as if she was smelling vomit on her prized possession.


“No, seriously. You’re a bitch. A huge bitch.” Quentin’s drunken rant was sprinkled with his arms opening out and upward, animating a behemoth. “A supreme bitch.”


The girl’s venom shot at Quentin. “Who the hell do you think you. . .?”


“Scratch that. You are not a supreme bitch.” Quentin stopped then bowed lightly, nearly losing his balance as he went back up. “I bow to the Queen of all bitches. And you know what . . .” Quentin laughed in her face. “Till I know your name . . . that is who you will be. Queen of all bitches. Hehe.”


Parker and Luis could not help but start laughing at the display. The girl’s face had reddened to match her anger.  Prophet even stifled a chuckle at Quentin’s behavior. The girl suddenly lifted her hand . . . SLAP. A red mark went across the face of the very drunk Quentin. Quentin merely looked at her dead in her eyes.


Luis roared at the girl, “What the hell was that for?!”


“He called me a bitch! I don’t fucking play around Luis!”


“Come on! He’s drunk as hell,” Luis shouted back at her.


“Not my fault! He wanted to start this and I am . . .”


Quentin tipped over and began to regurgitate his dinner and eight drinks he had inside onto the chest and legs of the girl. Luis hooked his arms around Quentin to hold him up till he finished while Parker was laughing uncontrollably now.


Luis finished, “full of throw up.”


Prophet rolled his eyes as he let out another drag. He murmured, “Oh. If you have any mercy . . . God, you will give me cancer and let me die before these buggers get the entire universe destroyed.”


Suddenly, a pillars of fire began to burst throughout the terra firm around the field in the park. As the pillars of fire continued, a giant blaze suddenly roared of bright orange fire in the center of the field . . . a gray skinned, black and purple garbed man and a man dressed in Aztec shoulder pads with a feathered headpiece with a dagger made of gold stepped through the flames.


The gray skinned Aztec man growled, “Welcome humans.”


The man with orange and gold Aztec screamed, “You’re death has come.”


Luis, Parker and the girl got into fighting stances while Quentin continued to throw up. Prophet sighed as he threw away his cigarette.


“Well . . . you blokes are a bit earlier. Aren’t you?”


The gray skinned Aztec god answered, “I am Chalchiutotolin . . . God of Pestilence.”


The Aztec god wearing orange and gold replied, “And I am Itzli . . . God of Sacrifice. And now . . . we will see you all destroyed before you could ride against us.”


Quentin slowly looked at his Savior Player as it flashed in his hands while on his knees. Quentin slowly stood up then walked in front of the others. The Savior Player flashed stats on the two Aztec Gods.


Quentin hopped to his feet. Quentin, Luis, Parker and Adrienne took out their Savior Players. They opened them up and each Savior Player flashed a menu on their screens. At the top right corner of the menu there was the letters HP and AP with numbers next to them. Under that was their first name followed by Player and a number under each. Quentin was Player I. Luis was Player II. Parker, Player III while Adrienne was Player IV. In the center was a menu full of options with the top option flashing repeatedly on each other their Savior Players. Quentin turned to the rest of the team with his Savior Player in hand.


The Aztec Gods growled as Chalchiutotolin pointed at the group. “We shall bathe in your blood for the glory of our brethren and it shall be the signal of our new era!”


Quentin stepped forward in front of the three other “players”; holding his Savior Player up. Quentin glanced at the option on his Savior Player then gazed at the Aztec Gods. “I am getting sick of hearing you talk and I just met you.”


The flashing option on Quentin’s Savior Player stated : “Transformation – – – Dial FIRE then say activation code ‘Game On’.”


Prophet yelled from the background, “Follow the prompts from your Savior Player.”


Quentin dialed the numbers 3-4-7-3 then closed up his Savior Player. A male’s voice from the Savior Player said “Player One . . .Fighter Level, Standing By!” A glow of bronze gleamed around Quentin’s waist then died down to reveal a belt. Quentin examined the belt, noticing the open space where the buckle is suppose to be. It seemed large enough to fit the Savior Player. Itzli was charging up some dark energy from a gold knife he held tightly.


“You will all die this day,” Itzli pointed at Quentin.


Quentin cried, “I got better things to do tonight than die.” Quentin threw up his Savior Player and pressed a button on its left side. “Game On!”


Quentin slammed the Savior Player into his belt, pushed it on its side and locked it in. Quentin was then surrounded by a circle of fire. The fire combined with crimson energy spun furiously around him.Quentin then brought up his arms as fire twirled around. The energy encased his body then bursted as a suit of bronze and crimson had filled his body. A bronze “vest” had surrounded Quentin’s chest. Quentin turned around as bronze knee caps and bronze tipped black boots had appeared. Quentin’s gloves were crimson, as was the rest of his body suit, with bronze accents. Lines on the sides of the legs, torso and arms, colored black filled out the suit. Quentin cupped a ball of fire and crimson energy in his left hand then passed it over his head. The energy transformed into a crimson helmet with a bronze stripe on top and bronze and black accents. A bright ruby gleamed at the center of the helmet. Quentin turned around, with seemingly a background of a computer grid around him with the words “Player 1, Level 1 ready!” Quentin had transformed into Savior Crimson. Savior Crimson performed a quick kata then yelled, “Savior Crimson!”


Luis, Parker and Adrienne stared at Savior Crimson while the Aztec Gods shifted in annoyance.


Itzli yelled, “He has transformed. We must kill him now!”


Chalchiutotolin brought back his right arm then quickly threw it out, letting a volley of dark green energy towards Savior Crimson. Savior Crimson dashed forward then upward, flipping over the blast.


Savior Crimson landed then faced his enemies. Inside his helmet, stats and scans of the three Aztec Gods were all being calculated and displayed. The computer stated the stats as Savior Crimson looked at each god.


The computer stated, “Chalchuitototan . . . Aztec God of Pestilence . . . Level 10 threat. Specializing in illness or disease. Favored weapon is his Dire Spear. Uses combat techniques with his disease abilities to poison or kill adversaries.


Itzli . . . Aztec God of Sacrifice . . . Level 12 threat. Specializing in small weapons combat as well as the fastest among the Aztec Gods. Has pinpoint accuracy in terms of delivering cuts and can make both physical and/or psychic cuts with or without weapon in hand. Favored weapon is his Sacrificial Daggers. Is considered the most psychotic of the Aztec Gods.”


Savior Crimson murmured, “That was informative. How do I stop them?”


The computer does not answer Savior Crimson when Itzli channeled two bright laser slices at him. Savior Crimson was struck hard on his chest then fell back on the ground. The crimson hued Savior Ranger looked up at the other three “players.”


“Um . . . a little help would be nice.”


Chalchiutotolin brought out a dark black spear with a large pointed metal blade on the top. The blade had been shaped as an arrow head with spikes going down the blade. Chalchiutotolin twirled his Dire Spear once then threw another volley of energy at Savior Crimson. Savior Crimson took the attack, having multiple explosions spark on his chest.


Luis turns to the other two barking, “God. They are gonna kill him. Come on!”


Luis, Parker and Adrienne looked at their Savior Players, scanning the instructions at the top of the menu. Luis’s Savior Player menu stated “Transformation . . . Dial WOOD.”


Parker’s Savior Player menu stated “Transformation . . . Dial WIND.”


Adrienne’s Savior Player said, “Transformation . . . Dial WATER.”


The three followed the instructions on that menu and suddenly bronze belts had appeared on their waist, like it had when Quentin transformed earlier.


Luis dialed 9-6-6-3 and called out, “Game On!”


Parker dialed 9-4-6-3 and yelled, “Game On!”   


Adrienne dialed 9-2-8-3-7 and shouted, “Game On!”


All three placed their Savior Players on their respective belts then pushed them down, activating their transformations.


Luis was covered by spirals of dirty and energy while leaves blew towards him and circling on his feet. Luis spun around was his body, except for his head, was covered with black energy and leaves. Luis held both his arms out as a black suit was created. The leaves spun around his legs creating bronze kneecaps and black boots with bronze trim. White lines go up from his legs to his chest and down his arms. A bronze vest shined on Luis’s chest. His gloves black, accented with bronze. Luis spun one last time as leaves and energy covered his head, making his helmet. His helmet was black with a bronze stripe in the middle and bronze accents. An amethyst shined over his visor. His computer said, “Player 2, Level 1 ready!” Luis had become Savior Black. Savior Black had moved into a boxing fighting stance and cried, “Savior Black.”


Parker stood within a spiraling torrent of wind and green energy. Parker jumped up as the energy had consumed his entire body making it a bright green. Parker flipped around as wind energy created his green gloves, accented with bronze. A bronze “vest” appeared on his chest while a green jumpsuit had taken over most of his body. Black boots accented with bronze lining appeared on his feet while bronze kneecaps had been created. Black lines go up his legs, torso and down his arms had materialized. Parker cupped green energy with both hands then ran across his head with the energy. A green helmet had appeared with a bronze stripe and accents. Parker had become Savior Green. His computer complied, “Player 3, Level I ready!” Savior Green flipped up then landed in a wushu stance. Savior Green yelled, “Savior Green.”


Adrienne spun around in a circle as a funnel of water and energy surrounded her. Adrienne was covered in nothing but a suit of blue energy showing nothing but her head. Water and energy showered out of her arms as she threw them up above her; revealing blue gloves accented with bronze and her blue jumpsuit. As Adrienne twirled, her bronze “vest” appeared before her as her blue jumpsuit finished. Black boots accented with bronze lining and bronze kneepads had appeared. Black lines move from her legs, torso and arms appeared on her jumpsuit. Adrienne cupped blue energy and water in both hands then splashed it at her face; thus creating her blue helmet, accented with bronze and a bronze stripe. A sapphire gleamed on top of her visor and she turned around. Adrienne had become Savior Blue. Her computer chimed, “Player 4, Level I ready!” Savior Blue had moved in a Tai Chi stance and shouted, “Savior Blue.”


Savior Crimson, Quentin, got into a Gung Fu Stance and snapped his finger. “Champion of Fire! The Burning Knight! . . .Savior Crimson!”


Savior Black, Luis, got into a Thai Stance then knocked his fist together. “Champion of Earth! The Earth’s Emissary! . . .Savior Black!”


Savior Green, Parker, got into a Tai Chi stance then clapped his hands together then threw them apart. “Champion of the Skies! The Wind’s Soldier! . . .Savior Green!”


Savior Blue, Adrienne, got into a Karate stance and rammed her fist into an open hand. “Champion of the Waters! The Sea’s Huntress! . . .Savior Blue!”


Savior Crimson shouted, “Players of the Ultimate Game! Defenders of the Great

Planet Earth! Super Universal. . .”


All four cried in unison, “Grand Savior!”


Chalchiutotolin and Itzli got to their feet and looked at the newly born Savior Rangers.


“We will kill you!” Chalchiutotolin growled as he twirled his Dire Spear.


Savior Crimson stepped up and replied, “You know . . . let’s find out who’s gonna win and who’s full of shit. Game On!”