Seraph’s Sanctions: 4001 A.D. # 3

Writer: Matt Kindt
Art: Clayton Crain
Colors: Clayton Crain
Letterer: David Lanphear
Publisher: VALIANT ENTERTAINMENT (July 2016)


4001_003_003The Breakdown:

The assault on New Japan livens up as the dragon sentries try to devour Rai, Eternal Warrior and Lemur. Yet, Lula and the Geomancer assemble some reinforcements as the final encounter with Father comes to head …


The Bad:

It is good when storylines from books build into their own events. Yet, with this event, there was a lot of potential of see what will come of this 4001 heroes that were coming out because of it only to see them NOT be utilized. Considering the one shots were well written, it does feel like we are getting cheated from not seeing the new characters introduced a part of this fight. Also, Lemur’s role in the story does not have quite the impact unless you have been reading Rai the whole time. He’s had a decent4001_003_006 role, but his death here does not hold weight unless you followed him in Rai first. And this is certainly not from lack of trying from Kindt.
Moment of the Issue:

The narration of the reinforcements.

The Good:

Crain’s art is a beautiful and exquisite as its ever been. Crain’s panel work is cinematic and full of explosive detail and riveting colors. From Rai, Lemur and Eternal Warrior dealing with swarms of dragon sentries, to the evolution of Ne4001_003_005w Japan, to the final battle between Rai and Father, Crain lets every line, every drop of color and every single shade build a furious image. This futuristic war is given the stunning visuals that it needs. The action looks fluid. The emotions feel very real. Crain shows it all with the best work of his career.
Kindt’s script is tight, yet full of good action and character development. Lemur does get some decent development here as does the new Geomancer, Tula, Father and Rai himself. The narration that Rai gives readers is very heartfelt, showing the evolution of the character as well as just how much the conflict means to him. There was so much this battle with Father has opened to Rai, and Kindt reflects the weight of that well throughout the entire issue. Rai is the driving force of the story and Kindt puts him front and center. He does a good job giving impactful moments to the rest of the cast, even though the impact isn’t felt quite so well with Lemur. The over all pacing of the issue was good and the ending was quite a strong cliffhanger.


The Verdict:

4001 A.D. # 3 presents us with a very powerful, action packed climax to this event. There’s a lot of great moments and all the characters get some shine. And while there is definitely a lessened impact on some of these characters if you haven’t read Rai before this, Kindt still pens a very rewarding issue that will keep readers at the edge of their seats. Crain continues to give us a gorgeous look of the future that is becoming one of the most definitive and creative futures in comics. And it is certainly one of the best looking comics out there today.