Riff Table Arcade (Episode 46) – The Trainwreck called Mighty No. 9!

After a successful KickStarter that went through three, long delays, a sudden urge to collect more money for more goals that weren’t accounted for, an SJW who previously worked at Comcept who treated the Mega Man fans like crap, many obligatory needs such as a live-action movie, CGI cartoon, and an anime series, and starting another KickStarter when this game has not been finished at the time, Mighty No. 9 has finally released to very underwhelming and negative results. Keiji Inafune, the man who we gave too much credit for being the father of Mega Man, releases a game that lacks vision, polish, and high quality visuals that makes this new game look like a high-end, late PlayStation 2 game. Since RRPG was the only one to play the game and beat it, he shares his thoughts on the game with FighterXaos as well as the terrible history behind this game’s development. Was Mighty No. 9 truly worth the wait, or was it a sign of a successfully, funded game through KickStarter that ended up as a result of undesirable circumstances? Stay glued to Episode 46 of the Riff Table Arcade here on The Game Riffers as RRPG and FighterXaos deliver another stellar episode to you all! Enjoy!

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