Seraph’s Soliloquy: Why WWE World Heavyweight Championship should NOT cross both shows

So, yes. Please start with the booing that many of you will be giving me. Yes. Give me that heat. Give me that hatred. Just the sheer and utter disdain from the idea of the upcoming WWE brand split having main belts for both brands and stating that it would be better for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship (and even the tag & women’s championships) to go both brands: Raw & Smackdown.  I been watching wresting for over 25 years now. So, while I’m not an expert, I certainly know what I’m talking about.And while I do understand where people are coming from with it, heightening both Intercontinental & US titles as brand exclusive titles, there is two LARGE factors that that have disagree with it.


Have one World Champion does heighten the belt, I won’t disagree with that. It also makes there schedule very, very hectic. Making two distinct brands means two live shows, three during PPV weekends, and several other house shows. Making two brands means they will be different travel schedules and different house shows. So, you want the champion to go through multiple house shows, guest appearances and the like … for 2 different brands. Sure. Let’s exhaust our one champion.

One WWE World Heavyweight Champion for one brand is exhausting enough as John Cena, Randy Orton, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and so many more have indeed made cases for over the years. What do you think will happen you put that much on a champion of two different brands?  Between public appearances all over tv, radio, charity functions and then to carry the weight of not one, but two different brands … going working out a schedule of both brands and their touring schedules.

Let me paint a better scenario for you. Dean Ambrose stays champ of both brands. He’s on Raw live and then on Smackdown live. Then he has a radio and tv appearance on Wednesday. Then a house show on Thursday for Raw in Philadelphia and then a show for Smackdown on Friday in Los Angeles. Then there’s another house show on Saturday for Smackdown in Seattle, but then Ambrose needs to make an appearance on Sunday for a sign under the Raw brand. When does the champion get a day off?

To add to all that, let’s say we do the one champion for both brands. Ambrose is booked into a program with Kevin Owens on Raw while he’s book into another program with AJ Styles on Smackdown. And between rumors of either doubling up or cutting in half the amount of ppvs each month abound. This would more likely bet a flop than a success. Ambrose is the champion and has to look really strong. Dealing with both storylines at the same time, from show to show might be an issue to keep straight. I’m not saying that it’s impossible. It isn’t. But being champion is stressful enough with one main story, but then has to juggle two so both shows have attention. Fans want their champion front and center at whatever show they go to and embroiled in

Mount the fact that we just got a bunch of major stars back from injuries with others retiring or released for various reasons, this only calls for both brands to have 2 main champions.  While I’m all for making the two belts more important, you can do that without exhausting our champions till they do end up injured. Let’s face it: WWE cannot go through another season like they had this last year. They need to make new stars. We need more main eventers and we need more people doing more than what we’ve seen over the last year. Cause man … it was pretty hard for people. Sure. The injuries gave rise to new stars: Aj Styles, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn & more got great pushes between the absence of  Cena, Rollins, Nevelle, Orton, Cesaro (even though he came back shortly after) … there were huge vacuum made because of these injuries. Add that Daniel Bryan and Sting were forced to retire and people were not really sold on Roman Reigns … yeah. That’s a lot. That was a big hit to the WWE. Sure. WWE made due with what they had … which worked, but it still does not replace the fact that all those injuries at such a short length of time hurt the company.

And now, while the Brand split is official, there have been so many people vocal on having one champion. Let’s face facts. If we have one champion for both brands, they will eventually get injured. Wrestlers are still human beings. Working hard is fine. Getting time off is important. Their lives are hard enough as it between the travel, the performing. They still deserve to have personal lives. And sure … there can be the argument … limit appearances of the champion outside of Raw and Smackdown. But, let’s be honest. House shows are only draws based on the matches and the star power. Any house show with their champion there will draw them in.  Sure … you elevate the Intercontinental and US championships and use them to main house shows would be an argument. And it would be … if the belts were there. They aren’t. They won’t be till a while after this brand split happen and there’s been time with both belts.

So, besides all that. There’s one other reason why one belt for both brands won’t work. We’ve tried it before … and it FAILED. When the brand extension first started, both the women’s title and the Undisputed Championship went on both shows. Yet, the original draft left a majority of the belts swinging over to one show more than the other. As such, when Vince McMahon became sole owner, he put in General Managers and, with Stephanie McMahon on Smackdown, she reinstated the United States Championship while also creating new tag team titles.  I do remember when there used to be so many belts … and I’m not for oversaturation. Yet, the simple fact remains that each brand is distinct based on three things: their roster, their storylines & the their championships. And sharing one or even more than one championship lessens opportunity. I am not saying that we need a million belts, just wrestlers to have different things to fight for, smart writing and distinctive flavors to both brands. 3 seems to be the magic number as it has worked for NXT all this time now. Yet, I’m good with 4. Cause 4 worked for the longest time within the original brand extension.

Ok. That was a large tangent. Bottom line, as much as having one champion for both would be cool and elevate the belts, it puts the person holding that belt and the company into greater danger. It’s a lot for one man to handle. With so many risks that these men and women put their bodies through, I think asking for one single champion over both brands is just asking too much of a person. But hey … I’m just a fan who has seen various injuries of many a wrestler for a long time now. Rather keep them in good health then to overwork them just to be amused. But that’s just me.