Seraph’s Sanctions: Kim & Kim # 1

Writer: Mags Visaggio
Art: Eva Cabrera
Colors: Claudia Aguirre
Letterer: Zakk Saam
Publisher: BLACK MASK STUDIOS (July 2016) 

The Breakdown:
Kimiko Quatro and Kimber Dantzler are inter-galactic, inter-dimensional bounty hunters who are hard with rocking style, pounding action … and on their own luck. When a bounty gets rescinded after they caught said bounty (which SUCKS!), the girls are talking over what to do in order to get money. As Kim asunnamed (21)ks Kim(iko) to talk to her dad, Furious Quatro, who has money and power …Kimiko shoots down that idea; even if they are broke. Yet, Kimiko’s old friend Saar shows up with his partner Columbus, giving the girls an offer for a bounty job … from Kimiko’s dad.

Meanwhile, the name of El Scorcho is both loved and feared in this galaxy… leading to a chase by our bounty hunters … and odd murders left randomly.



The Bad:
There wasn’t anything bad.


The Moment of the Issue:

It was interesting seeing what happens on the second time Kim and Kim meet up with Saar & Columbus again.


The Good; unnamed (25)

There is something I love about the book right away and it’s the art. Cabrera’s style mixes webcomic art with anime and contemporary comics into a wonderful blend. Cabrera’s work is full of clean lines, strong detail and able to command emotion well. Cabrera’s detail is very well done, allowing all sorts of little bits to look great … from the skyscrapers in the beginning of the book, to the alien we come across the story to the intimate talk about money and responsibilities between both Kim & Kim, Cabrera’s stylish lines make them all look good, compelling and visually pleasing. Aguirre’s colors absolutely stunning alongside Cabrera’s pencils and inks. The vivid panels really jump out thanks to the colors and shadows that Aguirre provides the dynamic panel work that Cabrera performs, making this duo an artistic match made in heaven.


Visaggio pens a wonderful, multi-layered first issue that introduces our characters and the universe of Kim & Kim extremely well. Visaggio does a fantastic job of balancing characterization of our leads while world-building and handling multiple plots. Visaggio really does a great job of showing us who Kimiko Quatro and Kimber unnamed (23)Dantzler are, making them wonderful distinct and relatable. From their exchanges during the parts with action to their personal exchange about money and Kimiko’s father, Visaggio makes these characters feel very natural in this sci-fi setting. The fact that Visaggio makes our leads and all the other characters look and feel like real people with real opinions, emotions and problems. It definitely helps makes that the over all experience that much more fulfilling. Visaggio also leaves enough bits and strings to show us that this is just the beginning of not just a large story … but a huge universe that readers will get to see over time. I love her dialogue, sounding very authentic while still peppering in some futuristic words here and there. Truly strong writing for a first issue.

The Verdict:
Kim & Kim # 1 is a fun, rocking and mystery filled ride from start to finish. While there is great action and mystery, Visaggio creates leads and other characters that feel and sound real. They are relatable and deal with the troubles of being an adult while dealing with making it on “your own.” The name drops were done in a subtle enough way that it doesn’t feel like readers were getting hit over the head with Furious Quatro and El Scorcho. It creates good tension for when said characters make their eventual appearances. The world building was great and done superbly with the art of Cabrera and Aguirre. Everything looked vivid, dynamic, capturing the mood and emotion of the scene well. The art itself told its own story while enhancing the main script and narration of the book. A true gem of a first issue only to want more done.