Seraph’s Sanctions: 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank # 2

Writer: Matthew Rosenberg
Art:  Tyler Boss
Colors:  Clare Dezutti
Letterer: Thomas Mauer
Publisher: BLACK MASK STUDIOS (June 2016) 

The Breakdown:

Paige is still haunted by the image of her dad meeting up with those group of criminals at the end of the first issue. As she, Stretch, Berger and Walter go over what happened, Paige can’t seem to let go what happened … nor does she suffer bullies. Driven by their curiosity and Paige’s need to know the criminals link to her father, they find where they are hiding out and find plans for a bank. Yet, as one of the criminals come home, the group’s fate might be sealed.
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The Bad:
There wasn’t much bad except we didn’t get much face time with our criminals this time at all.

The Moment of the Issue:
Paige continues to be the best as she beats down another bully and ends up in jail for it … at 11 years old.  Also, while we seem to be inching towards the title of the book, the main plot isn’t apparent yet.

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The Good:
The book continues to be a pleasant surprise. Readers might have a feeling on how the book might go, but Rosenberg keeps readers guessing. Rosenberg pens a pretty awesome second issue, allowing us to have a deeper understanding of Paige and the other boys while building upon the story. And while it is clearly Paige’s story, Rosenberg gives our other boys chances to really shine this issue with witty, smart dialogue. He very much lets the characters live and breathe the story, allowing them to guide us while getting to them know in a very authentic way. Rosenberg really does a better job fleshing out Walter this issue, which seemed to have the least development out of the kids. From the video game to the incident at the pizza place to the gang at the end of the book, Rosenberg made everything feel very natural.  There are particular kudos I want to give to Rosenberg for the very powerful and real conversation that Paige and her father had in the middle of the book. It says a lot of says a lot about both characters, about trust, their father/daughter dynamic and examine’s Paige’s father in one brilliantly constructed conversation.

The art for the book was fairly stellar. Boss does a wonderful job of doing a lot with so little. The line work is clean and there’s good detail. The style works for the story and allows readers to easily immerse into the story, mood and setting without hyper details. There are some really good expressions and body language done by Boss with Dezutti backing him up. The colors are used to not only give readers a clear view of the world and characters, but also allow readers to get enraptured by the mood of the scene with the tones. The panel composition is nice and varied, moving from transitional panels to lots of panels for one scene to multiple perspectives. All of this done well and allows readers to really get immersed in the book and story.


The Verdict:
4 Kids Walk Into a Bank # 2 was a solid follow up to the first issue. We got more characterization with our main cast. We got some very sharp artwork that allows reader to immerse themselves in the story. There was some good moments of plot development for the issue, even though the main plot is no longer that evident … or is it. There are multiple wheels spinning and Rosenberg deals with all of it like a champ. 4 Kids Walk Into a Bank # 2 is a fun ride that allows our characters to group while setting up situations that are both funny and serious with an authenticity that I don’t often feel in many comics today.