1st Impressions: JACK HAMMER # 3

Written by Brandon Barrows
Art by Ionic
Action Labs Entertainment


                Jack, with the help of Ramona, finds a way to piece together what’s been going on. It seems that the company Technotrends has had some dirty dealings. The CEO, Eddie Newman, found out about them and hence the beginning of this series. As more and more answers are uncovered, the mastermind behind the whole caper is making his final moves to deal with Jack … once and for all.


                Ionic does a pretty good job here.  All the characters are well rendered and this is more detail this issue than in last with the backgrounds and characters. We got some pretty decent classic background work from Ionic.  The movement of the characters look more fluid this issue, which makes the action stand out more during those moments during the second half.
                Solid, classic panel work here; definitely going with the noir, crime drama feel of the book. Ionic makes sure the colors are not too vivid; thus, creating a great atmosphere for the issue and the overall genre of the comic. While some of his perspective shots with characters in the distance aren’t very detailed, but do not take away from the book this issue.
                Meanwhile, Barrows produce a good issue as he speeds towards the arc’s climax. Barrows presents a very capable detective in Jack Hammer as he starts filling in holes to the mystery behind Eddie Newman’s death and the kidnapping of his wife by super-powered thugs.
                What I love about the book is that the super powers are very much secondary. Barrows focuses more on the plot and mystery aspects of the book. This allows Barrows to really focus on Jack as a characters and even feel more relatable.  Thus, the battle at the end of the book feels a bit more exciting, because the stakes feel much higher.  This isn’t a world where super powers are as common place as Marvel or DC … they are a bit stricter here. There is a good grasp of reality that helps give the book a strong identity and it shines very much this issue.  
                The book is paced extremely well as it goes on a consistent uphill climb towards the climax. The dialogue feels authentic with good homage to old noir or gumshoe flicks. Barrows presents the pieces of the mystery coming together very well, allowing Jack to be our guide. The villain’s reveal seemed a bit typical till you actually got into his/her motivation.  Barrow shines as we see super powers dealt with a bit differently here.
                Barrow’s does produce a good issue. The only thing that is keeping it from being a great issue is that it’s a bit dialogue heavy. Sure. There is a lot happening ; but there is a large amount of dialogue that ends up interrupting the flow. Otherwise, a solid job from Barrows.


                This issue was good. It moved towards the climax. There was a lot happening but didn’t feel cluttered.  The art was good and the writing was strong. The dialogue heaviness of it might interrupt the flow a little. Otherwise, a great read.


                I give Jack Hammer # 3 an 8 … out of 10. Pick it up now!