Riff Table Arcade (Episode 44) – E3 2016 Wrap-Up Show |Part 1/2|

Yup! E3 2016 has come and gone, and the event left another impression toward everyone with there being some unique and surprising gems while most others left us very underwhelmed. With it all past us, what do The Game Riffers think of this year’s biggest gaming convention in the United States? While RRPG and FighterXaos are willing to explain their thoughts, 16bitjeff was unable to join this time around because of personal life issues and/or being under the weather. This time, we asked our good friends TheBadGamer and Carlioo41 from the heyday of the 4DS Audio Podcast to join us as special guests! Our wrap-up on E3 2016 will be a two-part episode since the full episode lasted about 2.5 hours, so we’ll be talking about our thoughts on Microsoft and Sony’s performances at the event. Were they great or were they terrible? Watch and listen to find out! Episode 43 of the Riff Table Arcade is up for everyone to enjoy!

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