Seraph’s Sanctions: Wrath of the Eternal Warrior # 8

Writer: Robert Venditti
Art: Raul Allen & Patricia Martin
Colors: Raul Allen & Borja Pindado
Letterer: Patricia Martin
Publisher: VALIANT ENTERTAINMENT (June 2016)


The Breakdown: WRATH_008_002

Our good Eternal Warrior falls from the this trap within the massive Labyrinth that our mystery foe created. And boy … does Gilad every have a wonderful time in Labyrinth … getting slashed, burned, choked and churned by the obstacles within.


The Good:

Artistically, Allen continues to give a gloriously gory and gorgeous look into the world … and afterlife of Gilad. From the afterlife home where his family that has past away dwelled to the brutal bombastic ways that Gilad is assaulted by the traps within the Labyrinth, Allen gives the whole book a style of its own. His art is a bit tighter, but also more imaginative as he and Martin do a great job of allowing panels to look and feel different in composition. There are panels that seem to suck readers in by their mere composition and the power behind Allen, Martin and Pindado’s work. Pindado and Allen do an exceptional job allowing color and show play more than a traditional role and allows the issue … heck the title of Wrath of the Eternal Warrior, to look and feel very different from other things we’ve come across. The brutal parts are very painful to look at while the emotional moments carry a weight like a boulder strapped to your ankle as it sinks into the bottom of the ocean. This book’s unique style along with the sharp lines and innovative use of color make this whole book feel like a different animal that just eWRATH_008_003xudes facets of our lead … brutal violence and touching heart.

Venditti’s script here is tight, but wonderful. He builds upon not just the character of Gilad this issue with finding out mysteries and going on to fight again, but he also gives some well needed shine to Gilad’s wife and oldest son. Our mysterious foe has some interesting development as he wants to know Gilad’s secret of immortality. Venditti sets up both our main hero and his supporting cast to have a difficult journey ahead. We do get to see Gilad’s limits being tested and Venditti certainly doesn’t shy away from gore. The overall issue focused on our villain testing the limits of Gilad’s immortality in brutal ways that would give Jigsaw from the Saw movies ideas … and this build up of Gilad needing to talk to his eldest son.  Venditti makes that tension mount very naturally, making the revelation that much more sought after … even thought we didn’t get it. With some strong character advancement, Venditti definitely makes Gilad that much stronger of a character.

The Bad:
Our big bad just felt … like a James Bond villain. He gave away some of the what he was doing, but not really the reason why and he just felt like he was there.


Moment of the Issue:

The cliffhanger at the end just speaks that this story is about to get a lot more … gory.



The Verdict:

Wrath of the Eternal Warrior # 8 is a fun little romp of a comic where we see brutality in the name for science while Gilad is learning about his enemy … and his limits. Venditti certainly plants seeds for multiple fateful confrontations … which makes finding out what is going on that much more urgent and intriguing. Readers who are skimish might not enjoy the violence here and our big bad just is … kind of there, but otherwise, the art was exquisite  while the writing was very strong. The book definitely builds up the stakes for the story this issue.