Straight Forward Reviews : Fracture vol 2 # 4

The cerebral series Fracture returns with more clones and different personalities fighting clashing in life or death battles.

Writer – Shawn Gabborin

Artist – Chad Cicconi

Publisher – Action Lab Entertainment

Review by Jeremias de Leon


Jeff’s clone Virtue has gone haywire and seeks to kill Jeff. On top of this a villain that controls crocodiles is terrorizing lower Triton city. Any more summarizing would be criminal as this story is pretty dense.

The writing in this issue really shines. This series is all about a man’s mental state and relationships with other characters. Of course there’s still super heroics and it still has plenty of action. But, it really is more about the dialog rather than the action. With that in mind the characters have to sound like they’re real people and fortunately enough they do. Despite it being a comic book with superheroes they sound and feel real. When they’re not fighting. During the action scenes the dialog reads a bit too much like a Saturday morning cartoon which is a bit jarring compared to the rest of the dialog.


The art does it’s job. Objectively speaking the characters look good and so do the environments. Some bits of action looks like it could flow better. Subjectively it’s not really my cup of tea but it’s nowhere near bad, I didn’t feel like it was a chore to look at it or anything that dire. Which goes to prove that the art truly isn’t bad, the style can be something you don’t care for but if it’s still getting your attention and doesn’t seem to set off any “that’s just bad” alarms then it has to still be pretty good.


Fracture is a unique series that’s really standing out right now. This issue has a lot done right and some awkward moments. Which are mainly from the action parts of the comic feeling too much like a Saturday morning cartoon. But there’s much more hits than there are misses and it’s so unique that it should get looked at on that alone. The dialog and developments on Jeff’s psyche are very intriguing. With that said I give Fracture vol 2 # 4 an 8.5 out of 10.