1st Impression: SHADOWMAN: END TIMES # 1


Written by Peter Milligan
Art by Valentine De Landro, Livesay & David Baron
Valiant Comics

                Jack dreams of his heroic dad.  Going by what was told to him, his father was one of the best Shadowmen … he controlled the Shadow Loa. And that brings us to the beginning of this very torrid story. Jack seemingly has gotten control of the Loa … only to find it slipping again.  Yet, Alyssa has not given up on him while we find out more about Josiah than we didn’t believe possible.

                Milligan writes a strong issue. We get plenty of development with Jack, the Loa, Alyssa and Punk Mambo (GOD I LOVE HER!)  Jack is fighting to keep his sense of self and not lose control to the Loa again and Milligan writes that struggle as the Loa reveals two things: 1 – its enjoyment of hunting down the other Loa; and 2 – its own feelings about its banishment.   Milligan writes a great sense of vunerabilty this issue that I have never seen before and it really works. The dialogue was very powerful and the narrative very gripping.

                The pacing of the whole issue was just great, allowing readers to really feel the emotions of Jack, Alyssa and even other characters. And the plot has strong supernatural and emotional ties. Kudos to Milligan for writing a solid first issue.


                De Landro goes for a different style here that works. De Landro was a bit more detailed during his time when he was an artist for X-Factor. But It works well. De Landro’s style change allows to give a darker mood for the book; which really helps set off the story. While the detail isn’t as much, De Landro gives just enough to show off some strong panel work and good action. Livesay really compliments De Landro’s work, making the panels appealing.  
                Baron tops it off, really giving some expressive tones of dark green, browns and darker shades of blue throughout the issue to immerse readers into the art and story. A solid job by this art team.

                The art was good. The story was excellent. This is the beginning of the end times. But who is the end for? And that question makes this title all the more intriguing.


                I give Shadowman: End Times # 1 a 9 … out of 10. Pick it up Wednesday!!!