Seraph’s Sanctions: Legends of OZ: Tik-Tok & the Kalidah # 2


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Writer: Keith Thomas
Art: Renato Rei
Colors: Ceci de la Cruz
Letterer: Josh Reed
Publisher: ASPEN COMICS/BIG DOG IMPRINT (June 2016) 

The Breakdown:

Tik Tok & the Kalidah are on the run with the girl they saved in issue one from the flying monkeys, who look absolutely frightening and superb. As they travel, Kali wants to avoid a particular forest. Yet, when the flying monkeys give chase, the trio doesn’t have much choice and forces Kali to have to confront his past.

legends of oz tik tok and kalidah 002 01The Good:

Rei and Cruz definitely present us a visually stunning book. The panel work is boisterous, with glorious detail and clean line work. From our mystery girl to Tik-Tok to the Kalidah that you see throughout the issue, there’s just this wonderful sense of detail and color that really brings out the best of each other strengths. The right tones and shades are peppered in Rei’s pencil work to make the characters and art just jump off the page. There’s a kind of shine to the work that Cruz definitely gives to Rei’s art, particular when Kali must face some of his old ‘friends’ that really stands out. The art does really allow readers to feel immersed in it.

Thomas pens a smart issue where while a lot doesn’t happen, a lot of development happens. While Tik-Tok and our mystery girl get to have some solid characterization, the MVP of the issue is Kali. Between the expressions given by the art and the overall tension that was penned on the actual feelings of avoiding the forest, it made for a solid book. And while the girl was used to help know some of what Kali was feeling, we didn’t get too much of it verbally. There was a lot of character that was displayed without words being said. Thomas trusted his artists enough to craft a wonderful issue and allowed the art and story to speak for itself. It is masterfully done here as readers get to know a lot more about Kali this issue than expected and the framing of the issue really helps bring that along.

legends of oz tik tok and kalidah 002 03legends of oz tik tok and kalidah 002 02
The Bad:
Nothing really of note. Just still not sure who this girl is.

The Moment of the Issue:

The end of the issue pretty much made me scared for all the characters.

The Verdict:

Legends of OZ: Tik-Tock and the Kalidah # 2 was an issue where there seemingly wasn’t a lot that went on while still progressing the story and characters. We have our girl on the run, Tik-Tok trying to make the right decision and Kali facing his past. The issue with the flying monkeys have now escalated into two factions after our trio. The art for the issue was simply superb as much of the story was detailed artistically while Thomas still writes a tight issue, letting nothing go to waste, including dialogue. There was set up towards our ending while still giving us plenty to enjoy visually this issue. Not a bad tale at all.