BI Review: Green Arrow Rebirth

Green Arrow Rebirth Review by XBen3000

Writer:Benjamin Percy
Artist & Colorist: Otto Schmidt
Lettering:Nate Piekos of Blambot
Cover: Juan Ferreya
Variant Cover: Steve Skroce with Alex Sinclair
Group Editor: Brian Cunningham
Associate Editor: Harvey Richards
Editor: Andy Khouri

Starting off with this review, I have to talk about the cover by Juan Ferreya, for something so simple, I found it striking. Oliver’s face at that angle, the position of the arrow, and the colors chosen. It worked, also the variant cover done by Steve Skroce with Alex Sinclair was beautiful as well.

Anyway onward with the story, were picking up with Oliver Queen in Seattle. For those New 52 readers, you know Oliver stayed in Seattle rather than Star City. So it was nice to see some familiarity but also some differences I suppose. We have no mention of his former associates like Naomi Singh, Henry Fyff, or even his sister Emiko Queen but this is a new continuity. So I’ll let go of that.

Back to Oliver Queen, his characterization reminds me of how he was presented in Justice League Unlimited. Bit of a smartmouth, looking out for the “little guys”, and trying to clean up the streets one crime at a time. Real quick I have to talk about this action scene Otto Schmidt did. You have Green Arrow flipping into action and the way the movement in captured. It really flowed well so way to go Otto Schmidt.

Continuing from there we’re introduced to Black Canary. They have a small conversation about how they’ve only met once. The scene after that I feel like we get to see a softer side to Oliver as he took Black Canary and the child in. What I love is how Black Canary throughout this issue seemed to be more intune as to what’s going on the streets and calls Green Arrow on that. For a superhero who’s trying to be Robin Hood, you would think he would know about the location they go to in this issue.

Nate Piekos of Blambot, I really like what you’ve done with your lettering. I don’t know if it’s just the font you use but it stands out. It feels very recognizable and I love it so please keep lettering that way.

One of the things I found interesting about this issue is the dynamic between Black Canary and Green Arrow. I read something on twitter where someone said “Black Canary doesn’t need Green Arrow to function but Green Arrow needs Black Canary to function” and throughout this issue I couldn’t help but see that. She’s a character who can and will call Oliver out and he can’t really say anything. So I appreciate Benjamin Percy for writing their dynamic as such.

The villain of this issue is a group called the Underground Men. I really enjoy how they were presented. They remind of the Court of Owls and if that’s the plan, let’s go for it. I would love the Green Arrows mythos to get a new villain that can really challenge the Arrow Family.

My favorite page from this week is the image of Green Arrow and Black Canary standing side by side as they crash this auction being held. Otto Schmidt draws the Canary Cry in a way I never seen it before. I can’t really describe it but it really fits with the tone of the book they’re going for. With superpowers they can be presented as this “bright” thing but the way it’s done here, it works.

Final thoughts, I have to say that I’m enjoying the direction Green Arrow is going towards. I want to see this arc through until the end. There’s a lot of potential to be tapped into with what’s been set up, so sign me up. Brian Cunningham, Harvey Richards, and Andy Khouri you got yourselves a hit and I’m looking forward to more.