Happy 4th Anniversary, Broken Infinite!

This is definitely one of those sobering experiences in life. Starting this and all the work it takes into running a website. It is a daunting task if you are aiming to make a mark in the internet and the world. thebrokeninfiniteYet, today,as I look back at all that the site has accomplished since then, it does fill me with pride. There has been a LOT of content. Hundreds of reviews  of comics. There’s been countdowns. There’s been wrestling. There’s been anime. There’s been stories. There’s even been a game show at one point in the site’s history. This site has always dared itself to be a little different. To think a little outside of the box. That’s why we didn’t even start with a universal review system till nearly a year after we started the site.

There have been a slew of interviews with all kinds of people. Interviews with wrestlers, artists and writers. There’s been some very big surprises that were broken here first. The site has done a lot on its own. Even at our darkest, there was still some kind of content going on. There are so many people to thank, so I’m going to give a long cascade of  people and companies that I want to thank.

First, if you have ever read or watched any content on this site, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. That means so much to me.

Next, I would like to thank all of the following companies:
Valiant Comics
  Aspen Comics 
  Action Lab Entertainment
  Space Coast Comix
  Estrada Media
 Black Mask Studios
   IDW Publishing
   Zenescope Entertainment
   BOOM! Studios
   Dynamite Entertainment
   Amigo Comics
   Bluewater Comics
   Sphinx Group
  Avatar Press
   Storm King Productions
   Image Comics
   DC Comics
   Marvel Comicsthe-Broken-Infinite-logo-03

And any other press that I have missed. Here’s some specific people I want to thank for their specific help with just getting us content on the site:


Hunter Gorinson
Dave Dwonch
Jamal Igle
Vito Delsante
Gabe Carrasco
Elysabeth Fulda
Mike Philips
Vince Hernandez
Matthew Rosenberg
Richard Boom

For all there hardwork, connects and overall pleasure to have corresponded with. Special shoutouts to

Jeremy Whitley
Brandon Easton
Ivan Velez Jr.

Each of these men had been part of significant moments of the site, even without realizing it.

Most importantly, I want to thank everyone who contributed here which includes the following:The Broken Infinite

Amel Figueroa
Jeff Williams
Kyle R. Smith
Billy Doyle
Darkon (refuses to use his real name)
Brian Benjamin
Anthony Michel
Xzavier Baptiste
Devin Walker
Mathieu Jodouin
John Tague
EZ Rider
Michael Torres
Fred Knobloch
Edward Garcia
Danae Cash
Darryll B. Carter
Hector Ramirez
Stefani van Wagner
Gustavo Avenia
Garrett Goluszka
Michael Finn
Michael Arroyo
Jimi Bueno
Garage Hero Productions
Chris Ryons
Shoji Ramuro
Mister Lee Majors
Giovanni Lozada
Adrian Harbaugh-Lozada
Michael Alexander Espinoza
Jamal Melancon
Mike Laffitte
Christopher Torres
Eric McLeod
Bryan Clendening
Jesse Long

With very special shout outs to:
Jake Estrada (who pushed me forward to start the site)
Jeremias de Leon (who helped me start the site & run it)
Nick Gutierrez & Robert Castaneda (who have stick by the site through thick & thin)

If I missed anyone, I am truly sorry. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your contribution to the site. And with that said … what does the future hold?

More interviews. More reviews. Fresh faces. More webcomics. More serials. And some pretty big surprises are around the corner. So, stick around. The best is yet to come.


  • Frankie Rodriguez (Broken Infinite Founder, Owner & Geek)
    June 6, 2016 8:06pm