Seraph’s Sanctions: Bloodshot Reborn #13

Writer: Jeff Lemire
Art: Lewis LaRosa & Stefano Gaudiano
Colors: Brian Reber
Letterer: Dave Lanphear

The Breakdown:

Bloodshot and Ninjak battle their way to the Man in the Tower to get answers as to what happened and why … and the answer will simply blow you away.


The Good:

LaRosa, Gaudiano and Reber save the best for last. Their darker tones and thick line work presents readers with gritty backgrounds and very vicious action. The cinematic look for the book is on display and LaRosa takes full advantage of it with all kinds of interesting perspectives that will lock readers to the book. Reber’s colors marry LaRosa and Gaudiano’s art beautifully. It is impressive to look at LaRosa’s Bloodshot tear apart soldier’s one minute and then poor Bloodshot’s heart out with emotional moments the next. Really stellar art.

Lemire grips readers in this story till the very end. The characterization between Ray and Ninjak is just wonderful. Lemire really cements a great relationship between Ray and Colin during the course of the story and really makes it hit at home here. Ray really does stand out more with his motivations of not just walking away from Project Rising Spirit, but also his actual feeling for Magic and Lemire presents those experience for readers perfectly. Readers can relate and worry with Ray. There is an investment in Ray here that won’t be denied and this issue really makes readers feel it. … and then the twist ending happens and you pretty much do a spit take and say how brilliant Lemire is for setting this up …

The Bad:

The Verdict:
Lemire, LaRosa, Gaudiano and Reber give us a magnificent ending to the Analog Man. It was captivating, cinematic, dramatic and suprising. LaRosa, Gaudiano and Reber’s art was near perfection. There was plenty of wonderful color and dynamic panels that really grip hold of readers. Lemire pens an ending that is both full of tension, but makes sense. The shocking ending really, REALLY makes readers take note … making readers think back to the entire storyline and think how we got to this point. Secrets are revealed. This book is just amazing!