Kickstarter Spotlight : Kamikaze

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Something we like to do on TheBrokenInfinite is give a spotlight on the comics and creators of great works that are perhaps not as well known as the big 2 of DC and Marvel comics. Today we’d like to put the spotlight on the webcomic Kamikaze and it’s kickstarter for a physical trade paperback.

Full transparency here, no one here at TheBrokenInfinite is benefitting from this spotlight, we were not paid nor were we told to do this. We’re just fans who believe this work should be talked about.

Kickstarter graphicAnyway on to the spotlight, here’s some info on the comic itself. It was created by a husband and wife team Alan and Carrie Tupper along with their friend Havana Nguyen.  Kamikaze apparently was intended to be an animated series and is currently a webcomic. Which they still plan on turning into an animation. It takes place in a futuristic time and seems to borrow from cyberpunk, traditional sci-fi and thrillers. The story is about one Markesha Nin and her background straight from the creator’s is :

“Young courier Markesha Nin only wants one thing: to find a better life for herself and her father. Hell bent on escaping the only home she’s ever known for a better place, she takes a risky job that blows up in her face. Caught in a deadly trap with nowhere to turn, her only chance at finding the life she dreams of could ensnare her in a dangerous game she may never escape.” 

With a number of characters rounding out the narrative and plenty of action and intrigue and sci-fi gadgets this story should be read by fans of action, sci-fi and yes superheros. Though when superhero is mentioned it should be pointed out that the type of superhero is less capes and flying and more cool suits and transforming types though there isn’t really and transformation scenes like Kamen Rider in this. But the suit and the style of action might just hearken back to memories of those types of shows.

If any of this interests you you can read the webcomic at or read the mobile friendly version at and as stated above there is a kickstarter for  a trade paperback version of volume 1 going on now and you can support it if you wish by going to

You can also follow them on their social media :


Here’s a preview which can also be seen on their kickstarter page :


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