Straight Forward Reviews : Princeless : Make Yourself # 2

Princeless_Make_Yourself_2 DIGITAL-1Adrienne and Bedelia continue their journey in their second issue of their 5th book. What kind of fantastic elements and creatures await them.

Writer – Jeremy Whitley

Artist – Emily Martin

Publisher – Action Lab

Princeless_Make_Yourself_2 DIGITAL-6Story

A short summary of this issue is as follows : Adrienne and Bedelia go to the Dwarven homeland while in the meantime Kiki leads the prince and an elven woman to find the queen.

This issue was more focused on character development on Adrienne and Bedelia’s side of the story and  overall plot advancement was on Kiki and the prince’s side. Like always Jeremy Whitley has been on point with his character interactions that even in the middle of a magical fantasy world you can believe that these people are real people. The story overall gets much more interesting as well with new characters showing up and announcing their intentions.


Emily Martin’s style fits very well with this kind of story. The characters have a cartoonish exaggeration in their bodies but also have plenty of detail in their hair and clothing and armor. It fits in this all ages comic that also has a layer of complexity in it. Princeless_Make_Yourself_2 DIGITAL-4


This comic has a lot on the dialog side but it’s all interesting and doesn’t feel like too much to digest. On top of that there’s some good emotional moments. With the fantastic whimsy and the emotional and funny dialog there’s some good reading to be had here. Though I highly recommend not to jump into this issue cold, without reading previous issues first. I give Princeless : Make Yourself a 9 out of 10.