Seraph’s Sanctions: Actionverse # 1

Writer: Vito Delsante
Art: Steve Walker
Colors: Wilson Ramos Jr.
Letterer: Full Court Press

The Breakdown:

It is the final battle between love and evil … no no no … It was the best of times, it was the worst of tim…. No … that’s not it either. The dreadful persona of Anubis was restored by the spirit of the Ancient in order to free Kyra from Badamon’s curse … Wait. WAIT! That’s not it either.

It is the final battle between Cascade and our heroes Molly Danger, Virtue, Midnight Tiger, Jake Roth, Stray …and Molly Danger’s greatest enemy, Medulla. Yup. The group faces Cascade and his machine in order to save an Earth. And not everyone makes it out alive …

The Good:
We ourselves a solid finale by our creative team. Delsante ties the main plots together well, allowing our characters to reach an epic point where they fight to save this Earth. Delsante makes sure that every character gets to have their moment and makes everyone work off each other well. Delsante propels the story with great pacing and makes its conclusion very fulfilling as he details the end of the main conflict while doing solid character development for just about everyone. From Jake accepting his role and his powers better to Stray admitting that Molly and Midnight Tiger are his only friends to Medulla becoming a hero, Delsante makes it all feel very natural and entertaining.

Ramos Jr. continues to color extremely well, bringing out the best of Walker’s line work. Walker gives us some good detail in his most of his panel work and Ramos makes it pop out splendidly. Some panels that Walker did really very strong and eye popping, making things look as epic as they should.

The Bad:
I am sorry, but Walker’s art was good yet inconsistent. There were some panels that really looked great, with some wonderful perspectives being used and the detail looking pretty clean. There were other panels that looked a bit less detailed. Some characters that looked further away looked fine. Others didn’t. The art was good, but I feel like if given more time to work with it, the panels that had less detail could have been refined a bit more.

The Verdict:

The line work inconsistencies does hurt the book a little visually. Yet, the art time does make some really good looking pictures and conveys the emotion of the characters well. Delsante pens a strong conclusion that allows everyone to have their moment in the sun. Really good stuff and looking forward to the next stage in Actionverse as it officially becomes its own line in Action Lab. The crossover does what it does well and this conclusion was very satisfying, epic and allowed for development for all involved. I also loved the curve balls that Delsante left this issue.