Straight Forward Reviews : A&A #3

A&A_003_COVER-A_LAFUENTEWelcome to another edition of Straight Forward Reviews and it seems fitting that it comes back in time for another issue of Archer and Armstrong. As this was the series that was held to a high standard since the start of these reviews. Can it continue to impress?

Writer – Rafer Roberts

Artist (pencils) – David Lafuente

Publisher – Valiant

Review by Jeremias de Leon


A spoiler free summary is : Armstrong, Mary-Maria and Archer, mostly just Armstrong and Mary-Maria continue to fight in the satchel for a way out with the booze Armstrong was looking for. Bacchus takes advantage and tries to act on his own plans.

Rafer Roberts continues the path Van Lente laid down with his comedic style and does not lose the touch in this third issue of Archer and Armstrong under his belt. There are some moments that genuinely got a hearty chuckle out of me. One such moment included a reference to a certain tv show that is shown during daytime tv hours. That isn’t to say Rafer forgot about the serious moments as well and those are just as well written as before as well.


David Lafuente’s pencils and Brian Reber’s colors combine to make this one of the more vibrant and lively comics I’ve read. The characters have this slight cartoonish exaggeration to them that makes their movements during action scenes and comedy scenes equally satisfying to look at. A&A_003_003


I had a lot of fun with this issue and if you’ve already read the previous issues there is definitely no reason to stop now. If you haven’t, go read and the previous two issues but if for some reason you can’t there’s a good summary of the events so far and this issue is charming enough on it’s own. If you want to see great action and have a good laugh the gold standard is Archer and Armstrong. I give this issue a 9.5 out of 10