Seraph’s Sanctions: Actionverse featuring Stray # 1

Writer: Sean Izaakse
Art: Sean Izaakse
Color: Wilson Ramos Jr.
Letterer: Full Court Press
Story Arc: Actionverse Part 5

The Breakdown:
Malice has now fully become Cascade and counts down the end of this Earth with his machine. Meanwhile, Molly Danger, MActionverse_5 DIGITAL-3idnight Tiger, Virtue and Stray work on tracking down Jake to find him with Medula. And the heroes have another show down as the end has come …

The Good:
All the heroes are here and there is a lot going on and Izaakse directs it well. He captures all the characters personalities extremely well and does a wonderful job giving each character their own time to shine. And while there is a lot of moving parts, Izaakse keeps the story compelling and fast paced. And while it is fast paced, the issue doesn’t feel too fast or too slow. Izaakse also helps bring more development to Medula, Jake, Virtue and the other characters well. The overall story pushes towards a climax that is handled with care by Izaakse. The battle between Jake and Virtue was really awesome while the final stage was set with an epic final few pages. The shout out to some nerd cred was fit in with ease and care. It made

Meanwhile, the art of Izaakse and Ramos do a solid job on the art. Izaakse gives us plenty of interesting perspectives and facial expressions, allowing readers to really relate to the emotions the characters were feeling. The action looked great and all the characters had a very distinct look. Jake’s new armor is simply amazing. Ramos’ colors do well to bring life to Izaakse’s line workActionverse_5 DIGITAL-4. Really solid job by the creative team here.
The Bad:
While the last issue felt a little off with Midnight Tiger having the marquee sign, Stray having it here doesn’t affect it as much. Yet, the colors or links seems a little bit lighter than normal. And the line work just feels like it is missing the extra “solidness” that it normally has. It doesn’t affect the art much, but does feel a little off.
The Verdict:
This issue had a lot of fun while advancing the main story and characters. It was fun seeing all the characters interact, showing bonds between Molly, Midnight Tiger and Stray. There is also a great showcase of Jake’s development as a hero and his relationship that’s building with these other heroes. Cascade takes the stage well as a villain who really wants to end everything. The line work seems a bit lighter than normal, but the art is othActionverse_5 DIGITAL-8erwise well done, giving each character a distinct look. The action is explosive, making every panel look good. The lightness in the line work does take away from the art a little. Yet, this was still a solid issue.