Riff Table Arcade (Episode 40) – Microsoft’s Secretive Nature for E3 2016

Following up after last week’s show where Nintendo seems to be having a very dry presence, it seems like they aren’t being that secretive with their plans as Microsoft is! With all the supposed rumors going around that the 2nd Generation of Xbox One is upon us with a new console iteration along with a brand new controller, Microsoft is keeping things pretty close to their chest. What can we expect from them at their E3 2016 Media Briefing? Will Halo 6 get a teaser? Can we expect a new Halo game aside from Halo Wars 2? What’s the next Forza game called? Any new updates on Gears of War 4? Is Alan Wake 2 a reality? What’s the newest update on Microsoft HoloLens (even though we did not talk about it)? Most of all, what is Rare cooking up aside from their newest IP? Sit back and relax with some Alan Wake gameplay as The Game Riffers will delve into their own thoughts on what to expect from Microsoft at E3 2016! Hope you enjoy, and get your Mt. Dew and Doritos to snack on for this episode! We’ll see you next week for Sony!

-Nintendo’s April 2016 Financial Briefing: Full Report-

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