Heralds “The Prophecy Children Part 1: When One Door Closes”

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Arc One: The Prophecy Children
Part One: When One Door Closes …

Elsewhere, Elsewhen

His true name has been kept a secret for millennia, but he goes by the moniker Mr. Urss. Mr. Urss tapped every step forward inside of a ruby and sapphire made hallway, letting the light within the crystals illuminate his way while he was dressed in a mustard yellow suit with a black and yellow striped tie. As he continued to the bright, white light at the end of the hallway, there were many pictures that seemed to pop up and disappear. Mr. Urss left hand began to tap its white gloved knuckles against the sapphire wall with each vision that appeared on it.

In land where swords and sorcery was mixed with science and technology, there was a man who were barely into manhood gripping a long sword that seemed to glow of pure light. He was facing a woman who had cybernetics on her left side of her face while sickly green magics illuminating her hands.

Another vision as a young man in desert brown rags to barely cover his waist and butt, sprinting towards a small group of people in similar fashion. They all wore paint on their faces, but also seemed to have their ear bigger than the average human. The young man was chanting something as he was then taking into a sky. The people looked in the air and could only have seen a silhouette of an angel, then roared in absolute fear as the head of said young man fell.

In a large space carrier in the depths of space, two orange skinned beings watched their coal black eyes widen as in a distance … a star had died. And where the star once was, a swirling nothingness had appeared.

Somewhere in the depths of the jungles of Africa, a young man named Zuri was climbing the tallest trees, allowing himself to get lost in the leaves. He wore a brown shirt with patches while also wearing shorts. Zuri clawed his fingers into the tree as he hear gunfire below. Zuri tilted his head down as he began a silent prayer to protect him and save his life from the evils that want to ravage him. As he closed his eyes and rested his head against the tall Utile tree, the sound of feet amongst the brush was easily heard. Zuri heard the men below talking, letting one word snap his eyes open with terror in them.

Mr. Urss’s face had suddenly shifted to a smile at the sound of one word being said over and over again in each of these and the hundreds of other visions that were passing through as he made his way to the light.


With a quick glance at his gold and silver watch that he had gotten form his pocket, Mr. Urss chuckled to himself.
“Well, it’s about damn time.”[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][rd_line color=”#000000″ alt_color=”#dd3333”][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Another place …
As the pink and purple night sky overcomes the Earth, the sound of a beating heart thunders in the mind of a woman. Her hard steps pounds the ground, only to help her drown out thunder in her chest. Her brown hair was cluttered with leaves, webs and the tint of dirty brown and red. As her brown and black marred face disrupted her pearl like skin, the woman stopped abruptly. Seeing nothing but a vast drop and the stars in the sky, tears fall on her emerald eyes as she turns around. The sight of three pairs of metallic or light wings seem to consumer her. A humanoid with turquoise flesh with hard silver and navy armor had stopped to walk towards the woman. His metal wings retracted as his left hand was raised with a sword made of hard light. The woman turns to the being.

“You! Your band comes for me, but I do not deserve to die. Nor do I desire to help you,” the woman’s voice was firm, even with the fear coming through.

“I’m known as Razikel of the Ten’zhi Anbar. We deliver your world from hate and evil. We merely wish your assistance in divining where a lost prince is,” Razikel gave a small bow, then gazed at the woman’s eyes. “You are one of the great seers, Aria. We need your sight to reach our goal.”

Aria defiantly shook her head. “I give you nothing. The ones you see will come. The Heralds will arrive and provide salvation.”

Razikel sighed. “We offer you and your kind salvation.”

“At the cost of our will and choice. Your justice is too rigid and vile for our world. Your justice has turned whole worlds and galaxies into graves. I refuse to help you find one of the chosen.” Aria’s mouth was tight as her glare at the Ten’zhi Anbar soldiers just looked at her. “The Heralds will come … as they were always meant to.”

A tear began to fall from Razikel’s eyes as he turned his back to Aria. “I am sorry about that,Aria. Your sight would be most useful to us. And to the lost prince. I understand your feelings and they give us sorrow.And it is sad that he was talking to out of “this” Earth …”

Aria’s eyes widened in horror as she realized that the cybernetic angel knew.

Aria glanced at the other Ten’zhi Anbar as they all bowed their heads. “But … how …”

“We have literally looked all over for him. And your reaction told us what we needed to know,” Razikel’s voice became somber. “I truly wanted you to help us.”

Within an instant, Razikel’s blade had pasted through Aria’s ribcage and out on the other side of her back. Razikel came in close, letting his lips touch Aria’s forehead as blood began to rush out of her mouth.

“In the name of Justice and our Lord … I smite thee to make a better world … a better universe.” As the words ended, Razikel gripped his blade as he rushed it out of Aria, allowing her to fall to the ground dead. Razikel rejoined his compatriots. A large, fair skinned Ten’zhi Anbar held a metal axe. His wings were made of hard, red light as his right eye has covered by some kind of metal scanner. His voice was loud and powerful.

“The seer was supposed to lead us to the Lost Prince! We have NO lead as to his whereabouts!” Razikel sighed as he then pat the shoulder.

“Zaronphiel, where you not paying attention? She admitted that the Lost Prince isn’t even on this Earth anymore. And given that we and our breathren haven’t found in any of the vast galaxies of this cosmos, then it would only mean one thing.” Razikel’s words were convincing and logical to the rest of his Ten’zhi Anbar companions.

Zaronphiel grunted, ” Another Earth.Trans-dimensional travel. I thought we had outlawed that centuries ago.”

“We did. It seems like someone decided it was worth breaking that law to save the Malakh Adonai’s son. Yet, I have a feeling we will find out, won’t we Kiriel?”

A Ten’zhi Anbar with gold and blue armor and blue, hard light wings stepped forward with a circular device on her hands. Her brown hair was tied in a single, long braid. She smiled as the device began to beep loudly after point it to the right.
“Our answers to which Earth the Lost Prince went is about 28 miles due west.”

Razikel turned to the sky. “Brothers and sister …let us turn to the sky. I will send word to the Arch-Dominion … I am certain that we will be given full reign to use what we need to stop the Lost Prince … and the Heralds, just like we have purified the people of this world. Our Justice must be secured. For the Light. For the Love. For Justice!”

The other three Ten’zhi Anbar repeated, “For the Light! For the Love. For Justice!”

Razikel spoke one last word before launching to the sky. “Amen.”

As the group of cybernetic angels fly into the air, behind them in the distance was several large fires. Fires that were burning the country side. Fires that were burning a nearby city and all its citizens to ashes. As the scorched flesh and metal filled the clouds in the sky, the Ten’zhi Anbar made their way to the destination that will hold the key to chase after their prey.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][rd_line color=”#000000″ alt_color=”#dd3333″][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Earth, present day …

Inside a large base, the halls were white, silver and grey to show how sterile the place was. Military officers were walking along; all of them heavily armed with a few doctors in lab coats walked along a long corridor till they reached large, heavy steal doors. Two of the three doctors with the armed escort all kneeled down and had their retina scanned by modules; one older main with snow white hair to the left of the door; another man who was bald, who had tanned skin and dark eyes on the right of the door. Finally, a final scanner came up from the floor in the center to the lone female doctor, with mocha skin and long brown and blonde hair.


The female doctor, Dr. Claire Jefferson, spoke with a hard, strong voice, “Retina scan, senior doctors initiate.”


The white haired doctor stated, “Daniel Van Helsing! Alpha, unlocked.”


The second doctor replied, “Amil Bryant! Beta, unlocked.”
Claire then stated, “Claire Jefferson. Omega, unlocked. Entry into The Hive. Delta-21- Theta – Zephyr.”


Suddenly, the doors locks began to spin. With a hiss and slight smoke, the doors slowly creaked open as the thunder of the final locks falling back hit the air.  Suddenly, the giant, football stadium sized room revealed itself. Large amounts of monitors, stairways and consoles were filling the room. There was a center walk way toward a main platform in which all others stations were connected to. As the three doctors along with the soldiers that escorted them made their way to the central platform; tubes of yellow and black sprinkled their path along side computer terminals and hallways. As a matter of fact, the entire “Hive” was colored mostly black and yellow.
The sound of metal begin pounded by either feet or fingers filled the air alongside all kids of transmissions. As the doctors passed the tubes, the soldiers snickered or sneered at the objects floating in the tubes. The creatures were seemingly both avian and humanoid. They had long legs that seemed to be covered in scales instead of skin with three or four talons on their feet instead of toes. They were decorated with silver feathers that were accented with either white or black. Their arms stretched long as did their wings which were attached to those arms. Their bodies either seemed either very stocky with large chests or very petite. Yet, they all had heads that seemed a mixture of both human and bird. Oddly enough, these beings had beaks instead of mouths and nostrils on top of their beaks. Dr. Jefferson gave a slight smirk as she passed by them. When they reached the platform, they were greeted by two beings: A stocky man wearing a green military jacket and slacks with multiple command badges on him. The other as a humanoid being who was aquamarine in skin color. On his body were wires of call kinds, connected to many of the consoles within The Hive.



The aquamarine being stated in smooth, almost monotone voice, “Greetings Doctor Claire Jefferson. We have been eagerly awaiting your arrival.”


“He ain’t kidding,” the military man had added quickly as he patted his side impatiently. “You were supposed to be here nearly 30 minutes ago.”


“I am sorry for our tardiness General Ewing. But between the 2 portals that opened last night, my team hasn’t slept doing readings and spectra analysis. And personally General, you can kiss my ass if you think I am gonna just hop when you say so.” The tone from Dr. Jefferson’s voice was rough, with edge but sincere. Dr. Jefferson turned over to the Aquamarine being. “How are you holding up Database?”


“Overall, well. The data our agents on the field have given us has been useful. From the readings, the first portal matches the portal energy signature from a week ago,” the being known as Database described to the group of doctors and soldiers. General Ewing quickly slid into Dr. Jefferson’s field of vision, barking at her in anger.


“You got a lot of nerve lady. I am in command of the Hive, as per orders from the higher ups. And you better learn to respect my authority or I will deny you access to this . . .”


Dr. Jefferson chuckled at the General. “You can’t deny me to shit.” From her lab coat, Claire had pulled out a special medallion. “No one in this country can deny me from shit!”


General Ewing’s eyes stepped back in surprise. “That metal. But that’s not possible.”


“Oh it is, General,” began the feisty Dr. Jefferson. “You know what that medal means. And if my last name wasn’t a hint, figure out who the fuck I am related to. In this country, I am royalty. So why don’t you get your white ass out of my face before I kick it.”


The General grimaced in frustration as Dr. Jefferson turned to Database. “The portal activity has heighten on schedule after all.”



“Yes. According to the Kalique’s data tracks, the prophecy states that The Heralds’  genesis is starting to occur. From what I decode of the data tracks, the one called the Malakh Adonai should be, if not already present on this Earth.”


Dr. Jefferson paused at that while Dr. Van Helsing and Dr. Bryant were gazing upon readings on individual consoles. Dr. Van Helsing glanced at some information after typing some special codes. He gasped.


“We have a problem, Dr. Jefferson. It seems that another portal will soon emerge from the energy readings,” answered the white haired doctor.




Database quickly answered Dr. Jefferson’s question. “Actually 5 miles away from the last portal.”


“It seems that things are really starting to bloom in our field, ey?” Dr. Jefferson smirked at Dr. Van Helsing’s answer to her. Dr. Jefferson felt anxiousness crawl up from the pit of her stomach.


Dr. Jefferson quickly turned to one of the the soldiers that accompanied her. “I want a small field group of our troops there fast. Track down our visitors and bring their asses back here.”


Dr. Jefferson suddenly heard a ring from within her pocket. She pulled out a red cellphone with gold accents on it. A symbol of a crown with two lightning bolts at either side on top of a cross was engraved on the phone. With quick sigh out, Dr. Jefferson answered the phone. “Red Queen to Red Bishop, report!”


“Red Queen, we have word of multiple dimensional barriers opening. I’m sending in some of our pawns now to check out a new site in Babylon City,” Claire was speaking matter -of- factly to the other person on the phone.
The voice sounded bored when the Red Queen replied, “Sure. Whatever. Make sure you get those new toys for us. The Red King wants us to find these ‘Herald’ people so we can get whatever we need.”


“Sure thing, Red Queen. Red Bishop out.” Claire closed her phone while biting her lower lip. Her eyes lit in fury.  “I’m tired of this ditz running things alongside Nixon.”


“Are you going to play your hand, Claire?” was deadpanned inquired by Database. Claire flashed a smile and responded.


“Things are already in play. I will one day sit as the Red Queen. And that day is coming. In the meantime, get me all other information on the Heralds prophecy from the Kaliques. I want us to be prepared.”

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][rd_line color=”#000000″ alt_color=”#dd3333″][vc_column_text]Babylon City, Present Day ...

As the smell of burnt human flesh and melted glass crashed through his apartment window, Seraph Scott had awakened not a happy man. His light brown skinned body had twirled away from the shower of broken glass and the incoming torrent of flame that encase what seemed to be, in Seraph’s eyes, a tall man. The fire had nearly engulfed the man entirely as Seraph unwrapped the sheet that he clinged to his naked body as he moved away. Seraph quickly blanketed the burning man, hoping that it will help put out the flames. The burning man turned around 3 more rotations till he crashed against the door of Seraph’s nicely decorated bedroom on the seventh floor of his apartment building. After the third rotation, the burning man had stopped the fire on his flesh and clothes; locked in the embrace of the once maroon, now maroon and . . . soot blanket.
Seraph quickly crawled to the now not-so burning man while grabbing his cell phone; entering 911 as he continued to check on his unexpected visitor. There were at least two rings that past. Seraph gazed at the man; noticing that his face was somewhat burnt but not as badly as the rest of his body could have been. Seraph sighed as the third ring passed.

“Can you talk? Are you awake?” Seraph stated.


The former burning man moaned painfully, sounding like the wail of a ghost from an actual scary film. Seraph’s brow furred for a moment as he began to stand up.


“You gotta be in a lot of pain. Just hang in there,” as the fifth ring passed on his cellphone, Seraph continued to talk with a soothing voice. “The ambulance will come and they will fix you right up and then I can find out why the hell you crashed through my window doing your best Human Torch impression.”
Seraph was a proud nerd but this was not the time to think of such things. The burning man revealed his left arm; his hand mostly burnt with the flesh gone in several of his fingers and some blood slightly dripping. The burning man, even though he is not burning anymore, stretched out his hand and opened the palm.


“What are you trying to tell me? Try to save your strength but can you possibly tell me your name or anything that happened?” Seraph inquired, as he felt a draft that danced on his back, down between his legs as he tightened his butt a little from the cool, spring air. Seraph then yelped for a moment, realizing why he was cold.


“Oh geez! I am sure, sir. I didn’t . . . expect a man to come through my window. My door maybe if he was invited but not through my window into my bedroom and I sleep naked and you are seeing my dick and . . .”


A female voice as started chiming in. “Hello, This is 911. What is your situation? Does it have to do with your penis?”


Seraph shook his head, not realizing that 911 finally picked up. “Um . . .no. No. This isn’t for me. This is for this guy who crashed through my window.”


“Is he suffering any broken bones? What is his name and where are you located?” The questions spat out of the operator almost as it she were a robot who had no life.


“I am not sure cause he can barely speak cause when he crashed through my window, he was on fire. I live on 236 McDowell Street, Apt 717,” Seraph spoke with urgency. “He was burnt pretty badly and I doubt the crash did him any good. So you’d better hurry.”

“Ok sir. I am dispatching an ambulance and the police to your location stat. And you are?”


“Seraph Scott. No relation to the guy on my floor. Please hurry.” There was a quick click after Seraph’s final word to the operator as he then gazed at the outstretched hand of the being formerly known as the burning man; well, in Seraph’s mind anyway.


“What are you . . .?”


The raspy voice was both gravely but filled with some kind of phlegm, or possibly blood thought Seraph, considering that the man was burnt alive.

“Please . . .after . . . so much . . . and so . . . long . . . finally found . . . you.”


“Wait. What?” Seraph was extremely confused as he gazed at a silver object in the deep fried hand of this man on his floor.


“You . . . are . . . the first. You . . . are . . .king.” Every word was left out with a pain that Seraph could not only hear but feel as the man on his floor struggled to get those words out.


“King? What do you mean? You were deliberately crashing through my window. Why the hell for?” Seraph was very, very confused by all this as he kneed closer to the man without touching him.


The man moaned again in pain as phlegm, vomit and blood shot through his mouth, brimming over like lava in an erupting volcano. After that cleared, the man quickly said his final words. “You . . . are the . . . King. Find . . . the others . ..  And beware . . . cause they are . . . all . . .coming.”

With that, the man’s arm dropped while his eyes closed. Seraph fearfully looked at the man when he noticed booming against his door.

“Mr. Scott! It’s the police with some EMTs. Hurry to the door please!” the voice behind that command was gruff and authoritative. Seraph gazed at the metal object, snatching it in his hands. The young man sprinted to his door; unlocking the 3 locks on it to allow the police officers and EMTs to head to the burning man.


“He just lost consciousness! Hurry! He’s in my bedroom!”
Seraph gripped tightly the metal object that man dropped to the ground. He felt jolts of energy filling his body but was not concerned about them at the moment as the two police officers glared at Seraph up and down.


“Um . . . Sir. We are gonna ask you some questions,” the voice from just seconds ago behind the door now belonged to the face of a tall, stocky black police officer in a form fitting shirt and a bald head with a beard. His partner was a slightly younger looking white cop with red hair and a crew cut with a long sleeved shirt. “But um . . . could you put on some clothes first?”
Seraph turned bright red after giving a quick look down. His naked body for all to see was being showcased to ever person in his house. Luckily, the EMTs were concentrating on the old man, thought Seraph; but Lord, is this embarrassing.


“Yeah. Sure.” Seraph quickly side-stepped the EMTs as they checked over the body while he got dressed, throwing on a pair of blue jeans, some white socks and a navy blue shirt with white and black inking of a cross and 12 angel wings on it. Seraph spun around to head to the police officers; who had followed him to just outside the room when one of the EMTs, a short, pudgy man gave his final diagnosis.


“This man didn’t make it. He’s gone.”


The stocky police detective with chocolate skin named Carver Graves turned to Seraph. In his hand, the metal object with an eye carved into it began to glow yellow for a moment then stopped.  Detective Graves’ eyebrow pointed up for a minute while glancing at Seraph, who was drying tears that welled in his eyes. “Mr. Scott, you will be having to come with us.” Graves turned to his partner. “Brown, you stay here till reinforcements so we can close off the scene.”
Seraph sighed as he thought to himself, You know, this never happens to all the heroes.

As Seraph followed Officer Graves out, Officer Brown and the EMTs are beginning to cover the scene till forensics and detectives arrive. In his hand, the metal eye glowed yellow again, filling Seraph with a surge as he left his apartment with some shoes and a final thought..
This is gonna be a long night.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][rd_line color=”#000000″ alt_color=”#dd3333″][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Another side of Babylon City, Dusk …


The sun was setting in the Babylon City skyline. As the moon grew larger, there were two silhouettes in the sky. A massive figure roared as he swung his sword. His golden wrap that were his pants were stained with blood …. Blue blood. A vicious begin with bird like humanoid had held a weapon that looked like a laser scythe. With a blink of an eye, the laser scythe cut through the man in the wrap. As the man fell, you can see feathers and metal around his neck. His tan skin glistened at the dying light. His silver gauntlet glistened for a moment as he crashed into an alleyway.

At that moment, the thunderous crash was heard by a young man named Max Barerra. Max had stopped, wearing a black tee and jean shorts, ran towards the crazy.

“Um … Hello? Anyone need help?”

Max stopped at the site of the tanned man in his wrap on the ground. Max reacted. “Oh shit! Oh damn! Let me …. Get you so help …. And … um .. . Do you got more clothes dude?”

The Bird Humanoid roared down at them. Max quickly shouted a profanity, but got a nearby trash lid and threw it at the bird like being. “FUCK! … Get the hell away.” The trash lid hit the bird humanoid straight in the face, forcing it to fly right into a wall at the end of the alley, then slid down, seemingly knocked out.

Max quickly grabbed the man on the ground with the wrap. Max was straining as he felt the weighty muscles on this man. “Geez … dude, I ‘m strong but damn … are you made of brick?”

“Hurry before the Kalique awaken…

Suddenly, the man had slipped out of Max’s grip, meeting the concrete with a hard thud. Before sound and leave his lips, light had stabbed its way through the left side of Max’s body and then was quickly pulled out.

The laser scythe was swiped upward to clear it of blood at a greyish blue bird humanoid stood behind Max.

“DDDiee human trash!”

Max began to fall to the group …dying as blood began to leak from his wound. The man with the gold wrap roared as he quickly took his axe and threw it at the bird humanoid. As the Axe spun, the bird like being could only turn slightly. With a loud thud, the Axe had embedded itself into the bird humanoid skull. As that bird humanoid fell, the man with the gold wrap came to Max’s side.

“You … were coming … to my aid. Let … it be known that …” with a hard breath, the man began to hold Max up by his arms. Tears began to fall from his eyes as he felt pain shoot all over his body. “Huitzilopochitli’s life … is coming to an end. You …” Huitzilopochitli gazed into the body of Max Barerra seriously. Suddenly, a smile left his lips, which changed into a hearty, yet painful laugh.

“Destiny really is quick a pain. I am dying … and the damn oracle’s prophecy …hahaha. Yet … It looks like this was destined. You … you are to be my heir …use my power wisely.”

Huitzilopochitli used his left hand to push it inside his now sliced abdomen and began to grab his bloody and began to make makings on the nearly dead Max Barerra. “You … will … master this in time … Herald. Protect … this world … and all others. And may you give your enemies torment …unlike any other …”

Huitzilopochitli grabbed the axe from the dead Kalique’s skull with a firm grip. He paused for a moment. “War will be your blessing … and curse. Be noble, Herald.”

Huitzilopochitli stood over Max then brought his axe through his throat with a quick speed. As his body fell, blood splashed on Max. The Aztec War God had fallen to the ground dead, while his blood was all over Max Barerra. Yet, the blood was being absorbed into Max’s body. Within 5 minutes, the blood from the Aztec God had disappeared, leaving Max clean. His wound had completely closed …. Looking like it never existed. Max was groggy, but then saw the dead god’s body on one side and the murdered bird being on the other. Max didn’t even yell as he quickly started to run out. His feet were moving faster than he ever used them. As he trekked down the city street, black vans seemed to past him. Yet, Max was not stopping. Not till he got home cause this was just too insane. Max breathed hard in fear as he saw two impossible things tonight. Yet, all he could think about was getting a shower then going to bed.


End of Part 1[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]