Seraph’s Sanctions: Actionverse featuring Fracture #1

Writer: Shawn Gabborin
Art: Chad Ciccioni
Colors: Meredith Moriarty
Letterer: Full Court PreActionverse_3 DIGITAL-5ss
Publisher: ACTION LAB ENTERTAINMENT (April 2016)

The Breakdown:
While Virtue is “saving” Apollo Bay of crime, we learn the origin of Cascade and his motivations. We learn his nefarious scheme in order to get Jake Roth or destroy this Earth and believe me … it’s a doozy.

The Good:
Gabborin swings into a very personal story, writing the origin of Cascade while balancing it with Virtue in Apollo Bay and he does it well. Gabborin does a great job developing our big bad. There are definitely some deep seeded resentment that Gabborin has no problem showing while allowing Cascade to be … well, deliciously evil. Gabborin pens the issue with style, giving a good balance between Virtue and Cascade. Actionverse_3 DIGITAL-7Actionverse_3 DIGITAL-6

Ciccioni’s art is nice and clean. While it looks a bit more cartoony, Ciccioni does some great panel work, giving good perspectives of Virtue flying or giving Cascade or Herald emotion as they are talking. The art is smooth and rounder than other artists, but works well. Moriarty colors were good. giving nice color to Ciccioni’s work.

The Bad:
I felt a few times that the colors were too light in areas of the book and could be looked better with a slightly darker tone of color. Also, the inks were a bit thicker in that last panel compared to the rest of the book, but these are minor gripes.

The Verdict:
We dive deeper into the Actionverse event with some solid art and wonderful character development. We get a bit deeper into our main villain, finding out his true motives and origin. Gabborin seaActionverse_3 DIGITAL-8mlessly writes it in while advancing the stakes of the story to even larger proportions.  The character development is solid and the art was good. Besides the minor gripes, Ciccioni and Moriarty render the issue well, conveying the emotion of the characters easily.