Seraph’s Sanctions: 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank #1

Writer: Matthew Rosenberg
Art: Tyler Boss
Letterer: Thomas Mauer
Publisher: BLACK MASK STUDIOSunnamed(94)

The Breakdown:

Meet Paige and her friends Berger, Stretch and Walter. They were just having fun … and arguing amongst themselves at Paige’s house when they get some very suspect men. Vernon, Hayes, Silk and Skinhead Mike come by her house, yet it turns out bad. Paige, her friends and Venon’s crew all feel the wrath of Paige’s dad.  What ends up happening is how the two groups are tied together deeper.

The Good:

This first issue kicked off with a lot of charm while being gripping. Boss’s art work is simple, yet expresses so much. The panel work flows well because there is a focus more on characters with less background, but Boss makes that work very, very well. We get good expression and great use of body language here. Boss’s nuances are well crafted, definitely giving the characters life and their own distinct identity. From Walter’s meekness being seen with his head down or him never looking anyone in the eye to Berger’s more angry, boisterous personality seen through his actions of having his face showing more excitement or angry to his looking likeunnamed(101) he’s shouting … a lot. The muted of colors normally might work against a book, but it really works with the atmosphere and style of Boss here. The trippy wallpaper also adds and extra layer of style.

Rosenberg pens a wonderful writing gives us a strong first issue. We are introduced to a ton of interesting characters with their own personalities and feelings on display well. Paige, Berger and the other characters are so very well written within this first issue that it is easy to understand the motivations. The two factions are very simply introduced, but there seems to be eerie mirrors between both of them when Paige’s crew meets Vernon’s crew. Rosenberg does give each character enough differences to make them stand out. The characterizations and dialogue are really sharp and witty. There is a real authenticity to the issue between how the children act that is very refreshing. Kids aren’t always helpless and bullies happen. I like that Rosenberg made Paige a strong female character from the word go. I love the build throughout the issue between the connection between Paige’s father and Vernon’s gang. And Rosenberg sets up this first issue to just build the characters while not fully touching what Vernon wants to do yet. The title definitely gives away the idea of the series, but I like that Rosenberg is having us get to know the characters and setting up how without being apparent. Rosenberg’s sharp wit also peppers the issue, making the whole issue a fun, well developed kick off to the series.


The Bad:
We got great focus on the kids. It can be a little wordy than the average comic, but I find that as a good thing. It is not necessarily gonna make everyone happy.


The Verdict:
4 Kids Walk Into A Bank #1 does so much with so little. We establish our zany cast of characters,who feel authentic with distinct personalities and body language. We get ourselves a little bit of mystery. Sharp wit, engaging characters and simple, but expressive art. The clear art of Boss gives characters life that seems very vivid and exciting. Rosenberg and Boss do an amazing job presenting 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank #1 as a thrilling, witting and compelling comic that grabs you with its premise and keeps you with its art and characters.