Seraph’s Sanctions: Legends of Oz: Tik Tok & the Kalidah #1

Writer: Rob Anderson
Art: Renato Rei
Colors: Ceci de la Cruz
Letterer: Josh Reed
Publisher: ASPEN COMICS/BIG DOG IMPRINT (April 2016)

The Breakdown:

Tik Tok and his Kaliah are on a quest to search for an object and get a reward from the Wicked Witch of the West. After a small battle in a saloon, the two track their prey. Yet, the flying monkeys are after their p03_TikTok-01-ASPENrey as well. And the actual object they are all after is no so easily taken …

The Good:

Anderson presents us with two very charming leads with Tik Tok and his tiger friend. A simple story of a quest to find something leads to something a lot more and Anderson  handles it well. Tik Tok does not look like he can do much compared to his large tiger friend. Yet, Tik Tok shows he’s more than capable to protecting himself. Anderson portrays a level of class to our heroes that make them fun to read about. Anderson gives us a humble start that slowly builds throughout the whole book.

Rei and de la Cruz present a sharply good looking comic. Rei’s pencils and inks are nice and smooth, presenting plenty of detail and sharp shadows that really let the work come to life. There is a distinct look to everyone and Rei does an exceptional job bringing the (Kaliah ?) tiger to life. The tiger doesn’t speak, but Rei’s work really brings character to the tiger, letting readers know what he’s thinking by just movement02_TikTok-01-ASPENs and faces. Rei is very innovative in his art, showing such great expression and character with an animal that doesn’t speak at all. That speaks volumes on the quality of the art and the artist. De la Cruz’s colors are sharper than ever, allowing to fully bring a grand experience to the comic. Panels are vivid and tones are just right to set the mood of a scene.

The Bad:

The dragon was cool, but just seemed to not fit with the rest of the book.

The Verdict:
We got a strong first issue with good character development, cool action and an interesting spin on an overused trope.  Our leads are charming, whether they talk or not. Anderson presents us a grand adventure with strong leads and a decent plot. Anderson ends the first plot of the issue to get into the main plot and it transitions well.  The art is spectacular, Rei giving his art a lot of expression and detail while de la Cruz’s color brings it to life.