Seraph’s Sanctions: Bloodshot Reborn # 12

Writer: Jeff Lemire
Art: Lewis LaRosa
Colors: Brian Reber
Letterer: Dave Lanphear|
Story arc title: The Analog Man Part 3
Publisher: VALIANT ENTERTAINMENT (April 2016)

The Breakdown:
We continue the insanity of 30 years into Valiant’s future as Bloodshot & Ninjak go after the BSRB_012_003Shadowmen as Ray has flashbacks with his time with Magic. It is a brutal assault as a mysterious Man On the Tower is behind everything …

The Good:
DEAR GOD! This issue! LaRosa, Reber and Lemire crank it up to 1000. LaRosa’s art goes to kind of cinematic to full on cinematic. LaRosa’s art never looked so beautiful or better as he detailed powerful emotional moments and gut busting action that simply doesn’t disappoint. Every detail is made to look important and really shines through every single page. LaRosa and Reber make the touching moments between Ray and Magic look and feel magical while the action … is straight of Mad Max and looks even better. ¬†Ninjak and Bloodshot facing the Shadowmen was beyond epic and they give it the attention and loBSRB_012_004ve it deserves. It is gritty. It is brutal. It is GLORIOUS!
Lemire pens an issue with pretty much a battle and flashbacks, yet it still written extremely well. Lemire leaves Easter Eggs and hints throughout the book. Between the Flashbacks and the battle, readers are getting to the heart of the matter while. And Lemire clearly loves writing Bloodshot and Ninjak together. The two’s batter is as good as the batter between Eternal Warrior and Ninjak. It feels very organic and quite witty. We definitely feel the development of Ray this issue.

The Bad:

And the breakneak pace actually works for the issue cause Lemire balances the action with good character development … but it also hurts the issue slightly cause a lot happens and not a lot happens and its over. So, its a double edged sword.
The Verdict:

The Analog Man Part 3 races to its finale with great characterization and gory action. Lemire races to the finale as we get an idea of who is behind everything very nonchalantly, but it works for the character. The speed of the issue is both a strength and a weakness, but is the only real false note in an otherwise flawless performance.  The art is literally some of the best art that I have ever seen. And The Analog Man Part 3 sets up a brutal finale that will be entertaining and character changing.