Seraph’s Sanctions: X’ED # 2

Writer: Tony Patrick
Art: Ayhan Hayrula
Colors: Doug Garbark
Letterer: Jim Campbell
Published: BLACK MASK STUDIOS (March 2016)

The Breakdown:

Colin fallsunnamed(85) deeper into the mind of Evelyn Lemonson’s mind with a mission … kill all memories of her brother who betrayed her. Yet, there is a big problem. He’s falling deeper into her mind. Meanwhile, the rest of the crew at Mezign Corp has to content with hitmen that want to kill them and take their research behind the Erasure Therapy.


The Good:

Patrick does an outstanding job penning this issue. We got to get a deeper look at Colin and his motivations on not just his mission, but why he works for Mezign. The backstory is woven well into the tension height of him deep in Evelyn’s mind. Meanwhile, Patrick juggles the Mezign crew, allowing readers to better get to know them by learning their names and their connection to the project. It is honestly a great move since I felt like I didn’t really know much of Silas, Wendell, Rayna and Stone.  The greater character focus while advancing the plot a little bit further does help my problems with unnamed(81)the first issue.

Hayrula does a magnificent job rendering this story. There are great panels where the emotion and mood is captured so wonderfully, that it shows the pain of our characters. It also shows the excitement and joy. The darker inks and colors really help keep a nice tone. Plus, the shifts in color during the flashbacks were not only great in showing us that it was the past, it also captures the moods and emotions that the characters were feeling … unsatisfied. From the ridiculous to the sublime, every panel was masterfully done. It helps with the surreal feeling and concept tackled in the book.


The Bad:

Some people might believe that Colin and Evelyn’s story might have taken too much spotlight. It does feel a little unbalanced.


The Verdict:

Despite balance issues, this was an exquisite second issue. We have men attacking Mezing, We have Colin trying to survive long enough to get out of Evelyn’s head. We have a conspiracy to steal this technology. Patrick sets of layers of intrigue, mystery and tension to make this issue thrilling and you are compelled to know what happens next. The art is really well done, allowing readers to really seen so many different things. The masterful ideas of the layers of the brain and subconscious. This issue sets up so much more and the cliffhanger was masterfully done, making readers shout “Oh sh**!” Definitely a fun read.