Seraph’s Sanctions: Overtaken #2

Writer: Frank Mastromauro
Art: Marco Lorenzana
Colors: Justice & Enrica Eren Angiolini
Letterer: Josh Reed
Published: ASPEN COMICS (March 2016)


The Breakdown:

Will is still coping with the loss of his wife and 02_Overtaken-02-ASPENtrying to find her, even 8 months after the events of the first issue. Meanwhile, we find Jesse … or now called Jessica, out in space, doing a survey for terrain for some … surprising employers.


The Good:

Lorenzana does an excellent job with his crisp pencils and strong detail here. From the mundane like a small town in the middle of nowhere to the depths of caverns on a planetoid in space, Lorenzana’s imaginative and clean pencils give great expression to the characters and backgrounds, allowing the readers to get immersed better into the story. Justice and Angiolini do a magnificent job with the color, allowing their shades and tones to bring out the best of Lorenzana’s work.  Every ounce of Will’s tor03_Overtaken-02-ASPENment and loneliness from missing his wife or seeing the wonder that Jessica is experiencing is clearly realized by just looking at the artwork.

Mastromauro, in the meantime, crafts a wonderful script; splitting the book between both its main stars. And this works extremely well. We get to see the effects of how Jesse’s disappearance is really taking its toll on Will and his life back on Earth. Mastromauro perfectly frames Will’s feelings for his wife as well, making it that much more compelling. In the meantime, we get to see what Jesse is up to… and Mastromauro throws us a few curveballs. These curveballs just add more and more to the mystery of Jesse’s abduction, her whereabouts, why she is at >>>>>>>>>> and much more. Yet, Mastromauro does not give any straight answers; he leaves readers with intriguing questions that are posed in a way that compels readers to need to know more. The inner monologues were done in a way that it didn’t feel wordy or overpowering and the pacing was superb.


The Bad:

Nothing really wrong.


The Verdict:

Mastromauro, Lorenzana and company return hard with this second issue. There is a lot of emotion and humanity within the issue that deepens both Will’s and Jesse’s characters. There’s pleny of mysteries to go around and this issue leaves with several intriguing ones that will no doubt annoy readers until it is solved. The art was excellent, giving us a great look of Earth in a small town and the vast wonders of another planetoid in space. What does this all me?  I’m not sure, but I am willing to find out. And I suggest other readers do as well.