Seraph’s Sanctions: Faith # 3

Writer: Jody Houser
Art: Francis Portela,  Marguerite Sauvage & Terry Pallot
Colors: Andrew Dalhouse & Spicer
Letters: Dave Sharpe
Publisher: Valiant Entertainment (March 2016)

The Breakdown:FAITH_003_003

Faith gets into some interesting trouble as her identity gets compromised and her co-workers are under attack. Faith finds that she’s shaking the right trees and she continues her case on the murder. How are the psiots connected to this case? She gets an informant of a unique nature to let her know ….


The Good:

The art is quite superb. Between the ravishing clean lines of Portela to the majestic line and detail work of Sauvage, these artist do a great job in their work. The fantasy sequences provided by Sauvage & Pallot are very surreal in look. allowing readers to easily see and feel that they are fantasy. There’s plenty of great detail as well, showing the emotions of the characters in them. Portela continues to give us some wonder action and wicked detail. Faith looks so wonderful and strong, but still has the vulnerability that we can visually see to her. The over all panel work of both artists were really strong. And Dalhouse colors makes Portela’s artwork that much stronger while Spicer’s colors help give the fantasy atmosphere that is needed for the sequences by Sauvage and Pallot.

Houser’s writing is top notch here. We continue to get possibly one of the most down to earth and realistic portrayals of a heroine in this title. Faith is clearly a stronger person and hero, yet there is still a vulnerability we see visually and read through her very thoughts. The actions of this issue show how much sheFAITH_003_004 has developed since her time with the Renegades and it is refreshing. Plus, kudos to Houser for a wonderful spin on the secret identity dilemma. It was handled with such care and gravatas that is one of the high points of the issue. The references to pop culture are there, but no over powering the rest of the story. This is a young woman who wants to do the right thing. And I definitely appreciate that.  I also appreciate the lead up to who the big bad aka The Director really is.

The Bad:

The big bad … makes sense but I was hoping for something different. Otherwise, nothing.

The Verdict:

Faith #3 was an issue full of revelations. There’s action, laughs and great human moments that will captivate readers. The art is truly exception, with great detail and vivid colors that it will grasp readers by the head and not let go. And while the big bad was typical … it did make sense and there was plenty of tension to the build up by Houser. It is a fun ride.