Spoiler Free Review : Batman v Superman

batman-superman-wonder-woman-our-best-look-yet-at-the-batman-vs-superman-cast-jpeg-264720Hello everyone this is Jeremias de Leon also known to most on the internet as fighter xaos and I’m here with a special review. Batman v Superman opened this weekend and I had a special opportunity to go to the theater with fellow podcaster and BI contributor 16 Bit Jeff. So thanks to Jeff’s generosity I was able to watch the movie on Friday and have a fairly fresh review for you guys. Alright, now let’s get to the meat and potatoes of the review.


To start off with something positive the major beats of the story and the character driven moments like Superman’s interactions with Lois Lane are great. The script was the weakest part of the movie however. Not because characters seemed flat but because the story itself felt disjointed. Scenes didn’t seem to flow well into each other and provide a cohesive narrative. The script was credited to both Chris Terrio and David Goyer. Chris Terri is a very talented screenwriter and the well developed character moments show signs of this. Without knowing what exactly the problem is because with these kinds of movies it could have been Zack Snyder making changes, it could have been David Goyer draft of the script, it could have been WB executives, who knows. What I do know is that whatever it was stunted the growth of the good parts of the script in exchange for trying to cram so much into the movie.

That isn’t to say it’s a bad movie. What I’ve mentioned above are flaws and I’m not going to turn a blind eye to them but I did enjoy this movie, and quite a bit as well. Batman’s characterization is about the most accurate to the comic I’ve ever seen and Henry Cavill’s Superman brings a very human aspect to the  Man of Tomorrow. Whenever the movie focuses on his interactions with Lois Lane and his mother he comes off as quite relatable. Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne is also quite relatable as you come to feel what he feels and why through his nightmares and flashbacks. Also thanks to the direction they took with Batman I’d have to say this movie’s opening is one of the strongest superhero movie openings I’ve seen. Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor I was 50/50 on but at the end of the movie I felt he grew on me in his role. I’ll be looking forward to seeing him in Suicide Squad before I really judge his character. To see if it’s the character or if it’s Zack Snyder’s direction that had him acting so weird. The star of the show had to be Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman however. Not only did she act so well and truly felt like a supernaturally powerful woman but she also kicked the most butt in the movie and the theater gave her a loud ovation when she finally appeared in her Wonder Woman outfit.

Cinematography/Special Effects

The movie’s cinematography was outstanding. Just from the first few moments that quickly and quite powerfully retold Batman’s origin story it stood out to me that some great people were working behind the scenes to make sure this movie looked great. The fight between Batman and Superman was great though perhaps much shorter than people might have wanted. There were plenty of cues taken from Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight in that fight though so that might make people happy. Some of my personal favorite parts of the movie were the hints thrown in towards the larger DC Universe. Batman had nightmares and in one of them we see a certain character’s symbol and what looks to be his certain type of soldiers. In another nightmare there was a vision of a certain hero warning Batman. We also see short clips of the cameos that were talked about all over the internet before this movie comes out and they were very well done.


All in all this movie was very well done. It does seem that perhaps Zack Snyder shouldn’t be the one to direct Justice League from seeing this. Also David Goyer isn’t the only guy around in Hollywood that can write comic movies, I feel Chris Terrio with the input on comic lore from someone, could have made a much tighter story. But the character interactions and the hints at the larger universe made for a very entertaining movie as did the action scenes and the ending which, I did see coming but I still felt the emotional punch of it. The critics out there that claimed this movie are garbage seem to not understand what this movie is going for or seem to want DC to take the same route as Marvel did. But DC and Marvel are two different companies and they shouldn’t be compared that closely. Or perhaps they thought that the characterizations of the Batman and Superman doesn’t fit because they still have the Richard Donner Superman movies and the Chris Nolan Batman movies in their heads and don’t understand that they are actually quite close to their comic counterparts. Batman’s use of fear and stealth and tactics I felt was spot on and Superman’s sense of morality and his quiet strength was shown so well. This movie had flaws, which I pointed out earlier, but I still felt even with the meddling in the script that this was an enjoyable movie and a solid start to the DC cinematic universe. I give Batman V Superman a 3.5 out of 5.