Broken Infinite Casts: CAPTAIN BRITAIN


With news of the developing “Captain Britain” show and the all around rage of super hero/comic book related material running around these days, I figured it would be great to try our hand at casting a comic book related show or movie that could become real.

That being said, this will go a bit deeper than the normal casting lists. We will go with stars, potential show runners and even some writers of particular episodes.


So … first, we present Marvel Studios/BBC’s Captain Britain.


Wait. What?! Yes. Marvel Studios & BBC. Why would I include BBC in this mix? This is about a British Superhero, in Britain, who is powered by the British Isle, with multiple connections to  British mythology as well as going through multiverses and one of the villains/mentors in the story is Merlin. How could it not be a joint production with the BBC?


This will be a series that they can put on either television or Netflix. Why either or? Cause if it is going to be presented by the BBC as well as Netflix or an American tv station, we kinda want it to be somewhat accessible. BBC has no problem pushing the envelop more than the US.


Once again, I present Marvel Studios/BBC’s Captain Britain:

Showrunner: Julie Gardner & Mark Gatiss
Why them? Cause one runs Merlin and is right up her alley while the other has done work for Doctor Who and Sherlock.  And that alone gives them both kudos and faith that they will do an amazing job with the show.


And now, who will be starring in  Marvel/BBC’s Captain Britain:



Captain Britain/ Brian Braddock – TOM HARDY
The man is one of the greatest actors of our age. He’s gifted. He really throws himself into any role that he tackles. He’s metCaptain Britain 01hod acting makes him one of the best actors. He really can be anyone you want him to be. And I think he would make one of the most entertaining and complex Brian Braddock that every existed. Brian has had so much happen to him and it would allow writers to get the best out of the character … cause Hardy will give you the best of him. Making him hold the mantle of Captain Britain will certainly give him a lot to play with. Being this man bearing the flag and name of a nation, protecting said nation while also being a membTom Hardyer of a special corps that protects the multiverse … yeah. Add a kick ass sister who once held the mantle, the love of your life being this elvish shape-shifting, elemental woman and a reality warping psycho for a brother … you got yourself a man who has a WHOLE lot on his plate.

Hardy can pull this off and with a gravitas that Brian needs. From Merlin to Black Air to the Hellfire Club to mutants … Brian fights it all. And Hardy can truly make Brian a hero that is worth watching and captivating.



Doctor Synne/Christopher Thorn – WAYNE PYGRAM
First seasons usually build up a main adversary. With the scope of Captain Britain, this is world building while being pWayne Pygramersonal. Thorn was the partner of Brian’s parents during the time that they are murdered. Thorn had a hate on for the Braddocks and got his powers from their creation, the being known as Mastermind. And not the mastermind that we know from the X-Men. Doctor SynneAnother Mastermind. Yet, Thorn’s posturing and hatred can be easy for Pygram to display. His gravatas as Scorpius makes him a perfect candidate for being one of the main baddies of the season. Pygram specializes in being a scientific and crafty villain and Doctor Synne, being a person able to control people and cast illusions, would be perfect for it.




Courtney Ross & Saturnyne – BILLIE PIPER
Billie-Piper-27We need an actress who won’t mind being both a love interest to Brian while also being an antagonist.  A woman who can play two roles easily while having the same face. Piper proved that she can pull it off. Piper was is a strong actress that can pull off emotions easily or switch it up to being very cold and stand offish. And she gets to be both. Being both Bad Wolf and Rose Tyler in Doctor Who certainly proves that. And I could see Piper and Hardy sizzle … until Meggan’s actress comes in. Saturnyne’s majestic and scheming personality as the Omniverse Majestrix will definitely feel like a more refined Bad Wolf.  Yet, Piper can stay being a mainstay adversary or advocate in Saturnyne.




Jamie Braddock

Jamie Braddock – RUSSELL BRAND
The British comedian/actor is a perfect fit for the role. He looks like Jamie Braddock. He can certainly act like Jamie Braddock if any of his previous roles can prove it. Particularly the remake of “Arthur” which he starred in. Jamie is oRussell Brandne of the most complex and insane characters in the Marvel Universe. He is also one of the strongest. He is a reality warper, driven insane thanks to the death of his parents and the manipulations of people like Doctor Synne and Mastermind. This level of insanity allows Brand to virtually say or do anything at anytime. Brand is also an author, so having him on the show in any capacity would be a plus. With all that, I could see Brand and Hardy’s brother relationship play off extremely well … and extremely heart breaking. And can prove himself a great drive force in series/seasons of Captain Britain to come.


Pete Wisdom – CLIVE OWEN

I knPete Wisdomow Pete and Brian didn’t meet till much, much later in Brian’s lifetime, but since Pete ends up being Britain’s answer to Nick Fury, then let’s build on that. Brian has always had a closer relationship to the governmenClive Owent than he let on. Owen is a brilliant actor, able to convey all sorts of different emotions at once. One of the biggest things with Owen is that he is an action star. Owen has shot guns, over and over again, in many films. Yet, this time, he will be throwing hot knives. And while having the W.H.O. operational for the show, best to keep it M.I.-13. Especially when things can get sticky later with other British agencies. Plus, Owen can play the chain smoking, brutish and deadly Wisdom in such perfect ease that I couldn’t see anyone else be him. Plus, having Alistaire Stuart in charge of W.H.O. is a little too close on the nose to Dr. Who.


Merlyn – ANTHONY HEADMerlyn_(Otherworld)
What screams to me is that this Merlyn might be a good guy … but he’s manipulative as hell. Him, alongside both daughAnthony Headter Roma, will do what they have to for the greater good. Well, Roma to a lesser degree. And Marvel’s Merlyn has a richer history than just the Merlin of Arthurian Myth. Merlyn is powerful, sly, cunning … and has a weird moral compass. Anthony Head can portrait that brilliantly. He’s been all kinds of characters … good ones, bad ones … even manipulative. And that is what Merlyn needs to be. Head can really give depth to this Merlyn and have fun standing on that line between good and evil.





Roma – CRoma_(by_Alan_Davis)LAUDIA BLACK
Brian alwClaudia Blackays had at least one mystical person watching his back as best she could. Roma is the least manipulative of Merlyn’s children and raises up to become Omniversal Guardian. Roma is wise, powerful and strong. Very strong. Not just with magic, but with personality. We’ve seen her kick butt in multiple roles over the years, but this is a role where she is more nurturing. She still gets to kick butt with magic. And she is instrumental in Brian’s development in the Captain Britain Corps and his history. Plus, she will still be able to kick ass when needed. Plus, as an actress, Black has worked with ensembles extremely well. She should work well with Piper and Head. I see them being absolutely amazing together as the mystic trio.




Betsy Braddock – TEHMINA SUNNY (tentative)Betsy Braddock

Ok. I put this note of tentative for one reason: If Olivia Munn’s Psylocke is amazing, then she takes this spot. If not, here we go with our Betsy. Psylocke has a deep and rich history herself, being not just the twin to Captain Britain, but she’s aTehmina Sunnyn ex-S.T.R.I.K.E. agent, former Captain Britain and an X-Man. All this rich history means we need an actress that can have great chemistry with Hardy’s Brian, Brand’s Jamie, Owen’s Wisdom … pretty much everyone. Psylocke starts her growth in Captain Britain and if the Marvel Studio’s X-Men reboot is true, this is more than possible. Tehmina has an exotic beauty to her that will work for being Betsy, but the cunning as well. She could very well break out as Psylocke.






ObviouslyMeggan the woman that will be the love of Brian’s life must have a certain charm and chemistry. Cole is simply amazing. She was amazing in Hex, having scorching hot chemistry with a younger Michael Fassbender. She has been consistently great since. Cole can play nearly anything and Meggan is very complex. Not for her love for Brian, but for everChristina Coleything else. From her shapeshifting abilities to her gypsy heritage to her fury over the elements. She is power. She is also very vulnerable in some ways and nearly invulnerable in others. Her sex appeal is lovely and Cole can bring so much emotion to Meggan that it screams her.


VixJenna Colemanen – JENNA COLEMAN

So, another Who alum makes their way into this list. Yet, Coleman would be a brilliaVixen Crimelordnt Vixen. The British crimelord had bumped heads with Brian many a time. During the Zygon Invasion/Zygon Inversion, Coleman got to play a deliciously evil leader. Giving her a bit more flair, Coleman can make a very successful Vixen. The British crime lord is responsible to making Brian and Betsy’s lives hell. And we need to set her up here.










SlaymasSlaymasterter – RICHARD ARMITAGE

Wait. I know he was a character in Captain America: The First Avenger movie. Yet, that can’t mean we don’t fast forward to the present day and let him be someone else. Someone else with facial hair and allow him to absorb the role of a masterful disguise artist and assassin. As a key figure into Brian and Betsy’s history, there has to be set up for Richard Armitagewhat he ends up doing. And a slow burn for his character would make the pay off so well done. Armitage can easily blend into the background till it is time for him to show off. And boy… he would make this Slaymaster worth the entire watch.






LloydGareth David Lloyd is a man who can definitely fill in the shoes of the long-time rival/ally of Captain Britan, Dai Thomas. At first, Dai is anti-superhero and would make a perDai Thomasfect man for Brian to deal with during his first year out. Plus, since there is a long standing relationship between the two characters, Lloyd can certainly play off Hardy well. Lloyd’s chemistry with many of his cast members in Torchwood and Warehouse 13 could not be denied. Lloyd had no problem being more by the book in some of his previous roles prove that.






Joseph is one of the most versatile actors ever. Watch him on Peep Show.Then watch him in the miniseries adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere. And then watch him in Babylon. He’s impressive to say the leasPatterson Josepht. The actor has done many Mad Jim Jaspersof Shakespear’s works as well as done other dramas and comedy. Joseph going from a hard nose politician to a down right mad reality warper drunk on his own abilities isn’t a far stretch at all and would provide amazing performances every time he would get on the screen. It would certainly make for a more intense moment to see his descent into madness and him becoming top villain, probably for series 2. Joseph’s performance alone would be one of the best things about the show … in any role you put him,but this could very well be one of his greatest if given the opportunity.



Why would I cast a person who is primarily known as the voice of the Daleks to be the evil computer that would kick off thNicholas Briggse entire series? Because his voice and acting will make Mastermind tMastermind_(Computer)_(Earth-616)hat much scarier. The AI can use a projector to change his appearance to whatever he wants. And can change his voice and more. The holograms can be made of hard light, making them feel real. That makes the villain even more threatening. Briggs’ voice as the Daleks and the Cybermen has been haunting of his years working on Doctor Who, both in the tv show and in the Big Finish audio drama. Yet, this would also allow Briggs to branch out a little and create a terrifying new voice to make for the AI responsible for killing Brian’s parents. Briggs himself is a solid actor, so the interplay with him and Hardy would always been wonderful.





Black KnThe Black Knightight/Dane Whitman – THEO JAMES

While we wouldn’t see the Black Knight into the second series, it is important to establish him. To have multiple agents for Merlin. Why? Cause that would be a large series arc down the road and we need to establish that Britain has more heroes than just Brian and Betsy. Dane is a very smart, yet tortured hero. Cause of his cursed sword’s need for blood lust, Dane is constantly fighting with it. It may not be apparent at first, but it is definitely a battle that he is fighting. Even after he loses the sword, that sword takes a new ‘owner’ which becomTheo Jameses an enemy called Bloodwraith. James can play a tortured hero do his best to be the good guy. And this would allow him to shine … just not over shine our lead cause it is Brian’s show. Well … maybe over shine him a little.


Now, how I envision the series is kind of a hybrid of both how Marvel does it’s Netflix series and how a lot of BBC serials are done. Going with mini arcs that lead to a larger one at the end. The first two series (or seasons here in the US) would deal with many of the original classic tales from the comics.


Writers of the show can include Paul Cornell, Robert Shearman, Mark Gaitiss and more. And the first two series:


Series 1/Season 1:

I would give each series 15 episodes. Why 15? Because I stated that I wanted the show to have mini-arcs as well as an over-arching arc throughout the season. So, this first season would be developing Brian, Betsy and Jamie as a family and seeing that getting torn apart. We would see the origin of Brian as Captain Britain, having Doctor Synne & Mastermind be the main part of that first arc … and later the season. We would introduce Vixen and her criminal underground, as well as Slaymaster. Dai Thomas would be introduce during that story to allow Brian trying to be a hero, Vixen being a criminal element and Dai feeling that Brian is a problem and not the solution. M.I. -13 & S.T.R.I.K.E. would be introduced to allow for two warring agencies that want Brian … and Betsy as well as set up the Psi-Division at the end of the first season/series. Also, obviously, build up the entire season Merlyn, Roma and Saturnyne’s manipulations. And build up the Otherworld Quest for series two. Also, the raise of Mad Jim Jaspers as both a political figure and the crazed reality warper will be a dark mirror into Jamie’s future. Minor villains like Hurricane & Nykonn would appear … both establishing the mystical connections that Brian has while setting up for Otherworld Quest in series two. Yet, the finale of this season/series would deal with taking down Mastermind, both Mad Jim Jasper rise in political power while Jamie started to go deeper into crime. The final scene would have Brian getting ready to go to Otherworld for the first time.


Series 2/Season 2:

Otherworld Saga which would have Brian meeting the Black Knight and fending off the likes of Mordred and Necrom in Otherworld. Meanwhile, Betsy would get deep into being a part of S.T.R.I.K.E.’s Psi Division … only making her a target of Vixen and Slaymaster. Jim Jaspers tries to take Parliment but goes full on insane at this point as he meets his dimensional alternate and wanting to stop all superhumans after the Manipulator and his crew wreck havoc for most of the season. There would be an agency war between M.I.-13 and S.T.R.I.K.E. Spitfire and Union Jack would both be introduced this season as well.  This series would end with the landmark taking of Betsy’s eyes. Brian having met Meggan and Jim Japers platform taking lead to set up his saga as series three.

Series 3/Season 3:

Betsy deals with her blindness, only to have her eyes sight forcibly returned by Saturnyne (instead of Mojo & Spiral). Brian must deal with anti-superhuman sentiment while Jaspers sends out the Fury. Find out that Jaspsers other dimensional self takes Brian & Meggan into another dimension. Merlyn goes to look for Brian while Betsy is forced to take up the Captain Britain mantle for a bit, with help from Pete Wisdom, Union Jack and Spitfire to protect the country as Jaspers unleashes the Fury. Brian & Meggan fall in love over time as Meggan reveals her secret, but Jaspers goes completely nuts. Hurricane returns with the Nethergods, assisting Jaspers in wanting to kill superhumans … and Merlyn’s clan. Brian gets killed and resurrected after being killed by the Fury in a different dimension. Brian returns to Earth in a final showdown between Jaspers and the Nethergods vs M.I. -13. Brian leads the charge to defeat Jaspers, exposing him as a mad mutant that has gone insane to the public.. Meanwhile, we see Jamie getting kidnapped for his crimes and taken to an african nation. He gets saved by Brian during the season, but has completely lost his mind by the end of it. This season ends with the defeat of Jaspers, Brian and Meggan firmly in love, Jamie lost his mind, Betsy going between modeling and working for M.I. -13, Merlin dead … and a certain sword in a stone somewhere.


Of course …. These are just my ideas. Feel free to leave comments below as well as submit your own ideas. Till next time folks, this is Seraph, signing out!