Seraph’s Sanctions: The Death-Defying Doctor Mirage: Second Lives # 4

Writer: Jen Meter
Art: Roberto de la Torre, Al Barrionuevo & Brian Level
Colors: David Baron
Letterer: Dave Lanphear
Publisher: VALIANT ENTERTAINMENT (March 2016)


The Breakdown:

ShMIRAGE-SEC_004_003an begins the ritual on her side in order to stop De Walt while Hwen journeys into a copy of the Vita Secunda to gain the power needed to fight De Walt. The final show down moves to the hotel that used to be De Walt’s home for the fate of lives in the balance and the possible last chance for Hwen to regaining a physical form.


The Good:

Meter writes a compelling and intense finale. There is a lot of wonderful character work here, developing Shan, Hwen, De Walt, Lincoln and even Alex. Meter paces this last issue perfectly as we get haunting show down between Shan,Hwen and the rest of team Mirage vs. De Walt. Shan and Hwen’s chemistry is magentic. Any time you read them, you can tell these are two people in love. These are one of the greatest couples in comics like Luke Cage and Jessica Jones, Lois Lane and Clark Kent, etc.  The issue is dense, but in a great way. The main plot gets settled in a very satisfying manner and Meter doesn’t hesitate to leave a few surprises for readers. MIRAGE-SEC_004_002

De la Torre does a magnificent job this issue. His panel work is dark, grim yet mystical like always. The panels really grab your eyes. Barrionuevo art was a closer match to de la Torre’s, making the shift in art not too jarring. The backgrounds are pretty gothic in some sense and spectacular in others. The emotion in the pages are very easy to see. De la Torre and Barrionuevo do a spectacular panel work. The detail in the book is really good, allowing the gritty styles to give a full experience in this finale. Level’s inks are top notch, bringing out the best of the artists’ work. And Baron’s muted colors are amazing, bringing out the best of the everyone’s work.


The Bad: MIRAGE-SEC_004_005

Everything wraps up rather well. The art is good and while there isn’t much of a jarring difference between styles, there is still a difference and it can knock you out just a little. This is a minor issue.


The Verdict:

This finale was epic and satisfying. There is some closure, for now, about the Mirage’s want to be corporal. The art was good, giving a dazzling looking finale. The mystical power of the pages make for a spectacle and the characters truly makes this a better experience.