Scum of the Earth # 1 Review

Scum of the Earth # 1
Written by Mark Bertolini
Art by Rob Croonenborghs
Action Lab Entertainment
This will be a spoiler free review.

                What starts out as a love letter to Natural Born Killers makes a crazy turn that no one would expect as True and Laura go on their way … killing and loving as they do.ART:

                This art is not for everyone. It seems a bit on the simplistic side. Yet, Croonenborghs is more than able to capture a mood and feel that makes it feel like a grindhouse movie or Natural Born Killers as I mentioned earlier. Detail isn’t outrageous and it is more abstract compared to traditional super hero comic book art but Croonenborghs is able to make it work.
This book is bloody and the details of how gory this book can be are not held back … which definitely works for Croonenborgh. The coloring choices are also interesting, as much of the art is given a red hue but it does just add to the atmosphere. Croonenborghs’ art can be considered Sunday Comics with an adult twist and style and Scum of the Earth uses that to make this a unique reading experience. WRITING:

                This was a unique mix of murderous mayhem and crazy mystery that just blended real well. The real depravity of our main characters shine through from the first few pages and Bertolini makes them interesting and oddly relatable. Sure, True and Laura are psychotic … yet they are in love and who can’t relate to love.  Even with their murderous attitudes, there is a charm to our leads. Which makes the mystery that much more impactful. Kudos to Bertolini for writing such charming, yet psychotic characters as well as working in one hell of a twist there. With great dialogue and a solid pace, this first issue does make me want more of the Scum of the Earth.

Seriously … this book caught me by surprise. The art isn’t exactly what you normally see but it definitely works. And the story is intriguing, charming and an interesting twist on the lovable murderers. I give Scum of the Earth # 1 a solid 4 … out of 5.