Dig your claws into Herocats: Midnight Over Stellar City TPB

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]That’s right. Midnight breaks out from the rest of the Herocats in his own miniseries and it gets collected in trade paper back. The Herocats resident dark hero goes out on his own for the first time. Kyle Puttkammer and Alex Olge render this miniseries and Midnight is on the case … and even confronts Galaxy Man … alone. Find out what happens when the trade hits stands on March 23rd.


Press Release

The hit series HeroCats: Midnight over Stellar City gets collected for the first time.

PITTSBURGH, PA- He’s the Claws of Justice, Born at midnight, he’s the dark avenger making sure convicts stay where he puts them..behind bars. Now, one of the most popular of the team known as the HeroCats of Stellar City stalks the shadows in his first trade paperback, HEROCATS: MIDNIGHT OVER STELLAR CITY.

Written by HeroCats of Stellar City creator Kyle Puttkamer with artwork by Alex Ogle, Midnight must track down the sinister Crow King in order to rescue fellow HeroCat Bandit. Battling through robotic crows and nightmares brought to life, he’ll face the master of dreams and goes one on one with the man responsible for all of Stellar City’s problems..the hero know as Galaxy Man?
ComicWow.com’s Bhavna Bakshi said “This is a really awesome title, for any crime and cat lover. It’s definitely one to keep your eye on” and Robert Porter of “A Place to Hang your Cape” said “ Midnight is a fun book if you are looking for something a little different. There are a lot of fun little references inside to keep even the most seasoned comic readers busy, and it is highly entertaining for you (fellow) cat owners out there.”

The HeroCats: Midnight over Stellar City TPB, is available through your local comics retailer and is slated for a March 23rd, 2016 release through Diamond Order Code JAN160987.


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