Captain America: Civil War Trailers Analysis

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_video link=””][vc_video link=””][vc_column_text]This trailer has swept the world by storm. There is a lot going on in it and there is a tough decision on who side anyone is on during the course of the movie, much like who’s side anyone was on during the course of the original 2006 miniseries.
The film uses the previous events of Avengers, Avengers: Age of Ultron and Captain America: Winter Soldier to set up that super heroes need to be put under control … some kind of oversight. The previous trailer had focused more on the hunt for Winter Soldier and the beginnings of oversight over heroes, the second trailer definitely seems to focus more on the actual sides between those against the oversight aka Captain America’s side featuring Captain America, Falcon, Winter Soldier, Scarlet Witch, Ant-Man & Hawkeye in one side while we have Iron Man, War Machine, a later “convinced” Black Widow, Vision, Black Panther and … (spoiler if you haven’t seen the second trailer) Spider-man on the side of oversight. Both trailers seem to focus in on the fact on how important it is to have control over the super hero community versus not having that control. And while there seems to be some pretty big moments … including a possibly dead Jim Rhodes, Spider-man’s involvement on Iron Man’s side, the actual conflict of Black Widow and her own loyalties in all this and a bigger look at the lock ups between the other heroes … Ant-Man on Hawkeye’s arrow, Winter Soldier facing off with Tony, Scarlet Witch vs the Vision … there is a lot to drool over.

What do both trailers mean when you put them together. Well, oddly enough, both trailers seem like great debates: the first trailer arguing for Cap’s side … Winter Soldier was brainwashed and manipulated for years and while there was a lot of destruction, as the second trailer points out, if it weren’t for Cap and his heroes, there wouldn’t be a world to come home too. There “seems to be possible issues” with the rights of the heroes who have been acting freely. And Cap wants to protect his friend and the right to operate freely.

The second trailer is very much a firm believer on the side of oversight over the heroes and making sure they don’t go too far. It is definitely an argument for Iron Man’s side while still having some boasting to Cap’s side a lil with everything going on with the Black Widow. The destruction of the previous movies, laid out by General Thunderbolt Ross … and not Nick Fury oddly, definitely makes a compelling argument. The overall status of all the heroes will be changed at the end of the movie and sets up for us what could be the line up for the Avengers come Avengers: Infinity War part 1, which will likely feature many of the characters from this movie under the banner of the winner. Yep. That is a major implication there. The fact that Thor and Hulk are not in this movie is actually a great thing … cause there is so much more to come in Infinity War that we need to leave stuff for that two part epic. The fact that who wins and who’s on who’s side at the start or middle of the fight could very well change come the end of Civil War. If Rhodes is dead, there will be no saving whoever causes his death. There will be no redemption … unless there is some last minute manipulation … which is possible with Baron Zemo not yet revealed and having a stake in this movie as well. There’s a lot to be done with this movie that we haven’t seen, which is good. Yet, most fans are wanting to watch it for the war between super heroes … which I hope we haven’t gotten all of it yet. We will have to wait till the movie comes out on May 6th for the full story.

I love both trailer. Yet, I am just hoping they haven’t given away too much of the good in the movie before hand. What do you think? Does Marvel have something here? Has Cap gone too far? Is the government in Marvel Universe going too far?  Who’s side are you on? Or do you need to see the movie unfold to be sure? Let us know in the comments below.