Ouroborous Is Coming

Way back in 2012, which is odd saying that, but… way back in 2012, BI founding member Darryll B. Carter and myself came up with the brainchild of Ouroboros … a new platform for members of BI to touch their creative sides more. When it launched, it had two comic debuts:  BI founding member & Space Coast Comixx Owner Jake Estrada’s Screw Phillips and Carter’s The Magnificent Black Mage. There was several other written serials from BI founding member & Executive Vice President Jeremias De Leon, writer Brian Misher and  myself.

After a few months, it folded. Brian and Jake had to concentrate on their other projects. I took on responsibilities of running both Broken Infinite, becoming Herotaku Editor-in-Chief, on three different podcasts. Darryll had to deal with real life as well as doing his best own projects and Jerry had to take time off from being burnt out. We had good ideas then, but we all were overwhelmed or shifted priorities.

After some soul searching, I resurrected the idea, with a deeper focus and goal: creating new original works and giving their creators support as much as possible. We will be releasing both written projects and webcomics on a consistent, and I do mean consistent, basis.  As time passes, we will be working on getting these projects published in some kind of printed format and more as time moves on. We want to entertain you, engage you and make you fans while creating the best stories we got. That being said, Ouroboros will be continuing to add more people in time while we will build a creative hub to give up and coming creators attention.

Ouroboros will be releasing at least 1 written project and 1 webcomic per week. And here’s our line up:

Darryll B. Carter will present to us his creation with “Watchers.” Here’s what he had to say about “Watchers”:

Watchers follows Quisten Tilmitt (21) as she is swallowed by the secret world of the Watchers; a worldwide network of individuals that protect mankind from paradimensional threats.

                      Quisten is thrown into the secret world when a veteran Watcher is killed by a shrouded assailant before her eyes. The Watchers and those they hunt are hidden from the senses of an average person. Quisten is ordained as having ‘the eye’; the ability to see the abhorrently obscure. Quisten is the only witness to the murder and by association the best lead of the Watchers’ investigation. It falls upon the deceased Watcher’s partner, the astute and hard-boiled Gareth (41), to take Quisten under his wing and together unravel a mystery before an unspeakable evil is unleashed.

Next up, is SSAA Podcast & Dropping the X host Dame Dr. Foxy Brown gives us her description of her work “Valleon’s Beast”:

Caemus always expected that someday he would become King when he was in his twenties or thirties and had the time to prove his own worth not only to his father and brother, but to the rest of the Kingdom. However, time has a way of setting even the best laid plans on fire and fate takes him on its own path despite his most desperate attempts to escape it. And then there’s the matter of Valleon’s own Beast that awaits the orders of its young King.

As for myself, I am putting my money where my mouth is by release not one, but two different serials. The first being a breakdown of remaking The Redeemers, now being called Heralds.

What happens if there’s a group that you have seen in a prophecy that was written thousands of years ago? And what if that prophecy stated they would save the universe? And what if you get another prophecy written a little later stating that the same group is responsible for genocide of multiple species? And what if there are thousands and thousands of different prophecies with the group and even time travelers screaming about the group’s affect in future? And what if it is present day Earth and the group hasn’t formed yet. That is what the focus of Heralds. A group of some of the most important beings … ever … coming together and their impact.

The second story is called Super-Humanity, while I don’t want to spoil much but I will say this:

Welcome to the world of Super-Humanity. Where super heroes are more human that we realize. And a single crime begins to unravel the super human community and the perception of it.

Jeremias De Leon will be doing our first rounds of webcomics with his works “Mixtape”

A gag comic series where the only thing that’s known to happen is that anything can happen! The panels can’t even contain the craziness. You might see someone punch someone in the next panel, you might see someone talking about the benefits of crab juice in the next panel. You might see a disgruntled hippo looking for a super powered duck. You just never know what might happen next!


and “A New Courage” :

An action/fighting series set on an alien planet. The premise was originally an idea I had for a fighting game. Also pretty inspired by 80s action movies and games.

On the planet Toberetz there are two types of people. Both are humanoid and nearly the same but have different abilities. One group of people can control their extremities durability allowing them to strike with lots of power and are typically lighter skinned and the other group can call on what are essentially hormones and can increase their overall strength and speed and typically darker skinned.

I want to point out some things as well that the story isn’t about race though, more about social classes. The rich and poor both share equal amounts of both types of people.


Starting April 6th, 2016, we will open with the first chapter of Super-Humanity and New Courage. And there will be something new each week from there. More creators will be added over time and stories will come in and out. So prepare yourself cause Ouroboros is coming.