Riff Table Arcade (Episode 37): The Broken Mess known as Street Fighter V…

Sad to say it, but it is indeed true. A big game that was supposed to launch with great promise, but we ended up getting a broken mess with light content that is meant for the eSports crowd. Joining alongside FighterXaos and RRPG, 16bitjeff returns from his hiatus to share his opinions about Street Fighter V, and Omegamario17 comes back as our special guest, once more. Even though there is some good with the game since it is a pretty solid fighter for next-gen standards, but there is so much bad to it with missing features and broken servers that make the service unplayable at this time. Stay tuned for this episode as it is mostly going to get pretty heavy with criticism. Enjoy, and get your crap together, Capcom!

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