Seraph’s Sanctions: The Gingerbread Man # 1

Writer: Brockton McKinney
Art: Sergio Rios
Colors: Marcelo Costa
Publisher: ACTION LAB: DANGER ZONE (February 2016)

The Breakdown: Gingerdead_Man_1 RGB-7

We go to a city where we see a boy with a woman looking after them in a business. Meanwhile, a gang that plans of selling a new drug called Confection and bake it into baked good. Yet, when two of the gang members start to make a batch with the new drug, we find the expected origin of our Gingerbread Man.


The Good:

This issue was pretty easy to follow. McKinney’s writing for the issue is simple to follow and entertaining. He quickly introduces us to the main characters and the status quo for the book in a way that the pacing for the issue fits. The origin story was both horrifying and simplistic enough to follow. McKinney has also left enough mysteries in order for readers. The horror is the issue is also paced well enough that it feels authentic.

Rios and Costa has done a good job with the art. The panels have good detail and interesting perspectives on panels to make it visually appealing. Costa’s colors really bring out the best of Rios’s pencils Gingerdead_Man_1 RGB-3and inks. The porportions are good and everything looks good, with the horror looking terrifying and the people look great.


The Bad:

I enjoy puns, but it does feel like there was a little too many puns in this first issue. Also, the art is good but it doesn’t blow me away.

The Verdict:

The Gingerbread Man # 1 was a good start. The origin story was simple to follow with using normal horror tropes well and in an entertaining ways. The plot was handled well and Gingerdead_Man_1 RGB-4we do got a good idea of the characters in this first issue. There was just a bit too many puns and while the art was good, it didn’t blow me away. The humor is dark and entertaining … but too much in the second half of the issue.