Seraph’s Sanctions: Bloodshot Reborn #11

Writer: Jeff Lemire
Art: Lewis Larosa
Colors: Brian Reber
Letters: Dave Lanphear

The Breakdown:
Ninjak, now older, has come to recruit Ray to fight for the freedom of Los Angeles and the evil … Goo. At first, Bloodshot refuses. Yet, events that are occur because of the Shadowmen make Ray change his mind.
The Good: BSRB_011_003
Wow! Just … wow! This issue continues the momentum of the first issue and speeds up the progression. Lemire continues to both world-building and strong character development.  Bloodshot and Ninjak get significant characterization that really builds on their characters and really grips readers and make them relatable. There is plenty of action, but Lemire balances it with world building as it shows other parts of the Valiant Universe, including one character we haven’t seen since the end of Harbinger show up and Lemire spends a little time with them as well. The overall script is engaging and really pushes the main plot along.
Lewis Larosa and Brian Reber deliver some of the best work of their careers as they breath such great, gritty style onto the page. Yet, their union on the page is very distinct, allowing to building a beautiful world where there is a lot of bright colors mixed with darker hues … yet every panel is full of immense, stunning detail and vivid color. Every panel jumps out at readers and it is brilliantly rendered.

The Bad:
hahahhahahahhahhaaha … bad … in Bloodshot Reborn …. ahhahahhahahahhahahahahaha


The Verdict:
Lemire, Larosa aBSRB_011_006nd Reber present us a stunning story full of emotion, power, adventure, love, death … it had a little bit of everything but fit perfectly together. There is a wonderful plot, a strong characterization and exquisite story that just makes this issue just a joy to read. This storyline has been a triumph and as long as Lemire continues to do so, this might be one of Valiant best stories … ever.