Seraph’s Sanctions: FATHOM BLUE # 6

Writer: Vince Hernandez
Art: Claudio Avella & Mark Roslan
Colors: Justice & JUANCHOo

Letters: Josh Reed
Published: ASPEN COMICS (January 2016)



The Breakdown:
Siphon’s assault on Maylander’s Rig leads to a surprising confrontation while our team of Blue face Siphon’s capital and what is next for their futures as secrets reveal that the Blue are tired of just staying in one place.

The Good:03-FathomBlue_06-Aspen
Hernandez is able to tie up the plot threads of most of the series successfully as he brings out what Siphon and the Blue are really planning and make distinctions of the actions of humans vs. the actions of the Blue. There is definitely a damned if you do and damned if you don’t feeling throughout most of the book. Hernandez does an amazing job of balancing compelling dialogue that tells readers what is going on and letting the art actually tell the story. It works well and the overall issue builds upon the mythology of the Blue and the politics we have seen in the last several Fathom series. We get a good focus on the conflict while the team gets a decent spotlight as they are in the middle of everything. And the two big reveals this issue, I freely admit that I didn’t see coming … but make sense.
The colors this issue were stellar as always. Justice and JuanCHOo do am amazing job of bringing out Avella’s pencils and Roslan’s inks.

09_FathomBlue-02-AspenPrev The first picture I mention … is from this issue and shows a big problem. The other is the 2nd issue art by the same guys …. notice the difference.

The Bad:

The only real glaring problem this issue is the art. And it is not that it is all bad, it is just inconsistent. There are some really strong panel work form Avella & Roslan throughout the issue. Particular the first few pages were good, the battle between the Maylander controlled Blue and Siphon’s crew. Yet, as the issue goes on, he inking and pencils are rather rushed and look incomplete. It looks as if Roslan had tried his best, but there was sharp contrast of quality through out the issue. There are some panels that have faces in odd angles. The issue has some really good panels in some cases and some really rushed, bad panel work in the other.There’s even a panel where Elia’s outfit wasn’t fully inked … and even penciled … and was colored in at one point. That’s just … definitely a big no. Especially for a company who’s usually on top of their art so damn well.   I could see what Avella & Roslan were trying to do, but the execution wasn’t their best and hurt the experience of this last issue. 01-FathomBlue_06-Aspen

The Verdict:

Fathom Blue # 6 has a solid story and great reveals that raise the stakes and make the issue thrilling while closing up this chapter of Fathom Blue and the human/Blue conflict. Change is acoming. Hernandez sets it up beautifully here. There is a lot coming and a lot of change acoming. The main plots of the series are tied up well, except for the new ones that Hernandez leaves and it is a solid read, with suspense, wonder and excellent characterizations. The colors were nice threw out the issue. The only problem is that the art wasn’t consistent. The harder style started out so well, but this issue is a blaring example of sometimes … things are just done way too fast. Like I said, some of it was really good and some of it was really bad. The art was a rushed, leaving some gems and some rocks that will make readers feel disappointed or frustrated by it.