Seraph’s Sanctions: The Death-Defying Doctor Mirage: Second Lives # 3

Writer: Jen Van Meter
Art: Roberto de la Torre, Diego Bernard & Tom Palmer
Colors: David Baron
Letters: Dave Lanphear
Publisher: VALIANT ENTERTAINMENT (February 2016)

The Breakdown:

Shan and Hwen’s quest had them return to Linton March for his copy of the Vita Secunda scroll.  Shan’s reunion with March attracts the attention of our Big Bad, Denis De Walt, who is also trying to do what Hwen is trying to do … get a new physical body. Yet, De Walt is killing living people and ghosts to do so. Things get worse as we learn more of De Walt’s true ambitions while Shan and Hwen prepare for a showdown for the scroll.
The Good:

de la Torre’s moody art is absolutely gorgeous. It has a great balance between being gothic and detailed all at the same time. The eerie panels matches the mood of the writing. Bernard and Palmer’s pages were serviceable during the action that took place in the last fourth of the issue. Baron does a good job adjusting colors for both styles of art, yet doing his best to keep both styles fit within the book with his moody coloring. Meter’s writing is wonderful, giving more depth of Hwen this issue, giving balance to both our leads. The main plot line really flourishes this issue, giving great set up for the final confrontation that we are to see next issue. The mysteries are being revealed but Meter paces it all perfectly, allowing the issue to feel very thrilling and compelling.
The Bad:
The problem with this issue is that Bernard and Palmer’s art compared to de la Torre’s. They are very different styles and while Bernard and Palmer do capture some of the moodiness of de la Torre himself.  Yet, they are still too different. It wouldn’t have been so daunting of a change if Bernard was doing a flashback, but since they are all apart of the same story, it does taking you out of the story a bit.

The Verdict: MIRAGE-SEC_003_005

The art is good. Yet, the two different styles of art are too different, throwing off the story’s momentum a little. Other than this, the story was superb. There was strong character development and great build up to our finale for next issue. Solid over all.