X-O Manowar # 25 Review

Written by Robert Venditti, Justin Jordon & Andy Runton
Art by J.G. Jones,Bryan Hitch, Diego Bernard, Barry Kitson, Andy Runton, Rafer Roberts & more
Valiant Comics

This will be a spoiler free review.

                Multiple stories happen throughout the issue. We get a quick look at Aric’s origin as X-O Manowar to him paying respects to a prelude to Armor Hunters starting the team with the same name to the armor having its own little adventure to a small crossover between Valiant Characters.  This issue seemed to have a little of everything to celebrate X-O Manowar’s and Valiant’s relaunch anniversary.
                A lot was packed into these pages and it definitely felt worth it. We got some great personal development for Aric as we see him pay his respects to one of his fallen relatives. Venditti definitely uses loss and mourning a lot this issue to kind of set up transitions, not only for Aric but for the Armor Hunters as well. Venditti takes time to not only do more set up for the Armor Hunters event, but also gives us some solid characterization of the Armor Hunters team.
                All of the stories and segments were paced well, allowing each writer to give their own spin on things. And while the other stories didn’t do character building, they were fun in their own way.
                Artistically, you have so many styles in there that it really is a feast for the eyes. To classic comic book strip cartoony to Hitch’s hyper detailed style, there is a buffet of art that surrounds you this issue. Hitch and Bernard have the most significant portions and do a great job showing of their art. This book looks and feels fun while giving strong characterization and great art.

                Nada. Zero. Zilch.


                X-O Manowar # 25 was a strong, fun anniversary issue with great art and excellent story. The varied amounts of stories and extras make the book fun of value and it was great to see so much talent within the book do so many different things.  I give X-O Manowar # 25 5 stars out of 5.